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Final Lab grades are posted. Please compare it with your record. For any difference, send me an email or come to my office and prove it.  None of the objection will be accepted after 12:00 noon (Mon) Jan 23 '06.


    Quiz 1 was on Oct. 15, Sat. at 1:50PM (Material: Exp1-Exp4)

    Quiz 2 was on Dec. 3, Sat. at 1:50PM (Material: Exp5-Exp9)

    Quiz 3 was on Dec. 31, Sat. at 1:50PM (Material: Exp10-Exp12)

    Quiz 4 (optional) was on Jan. 21, Sat. at 2:00PM (Material: Comprehensive)


Lab Manual: You can download the lab guide and experiments from here.

Lab Guide

Experiment_01    Experiment_02    Experiment_03   

Experiment_04    Experiment_05    Experiment_06   

Experiment_07    Experiment_08    Experiment_09   

Experiment_10    Experiment_11    Experiment_12

Online Lab Lessons:

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