2007 IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication, pages 756-759, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 24-27 November 2007


Arabic Diacritics Based Steganography


Mohammed Aabed, Sameh Awaideh, Abdul-Rahman Elshafei, and Adnan Gutub


Abstract New steganography methods are being proposed to embed secret information into text cover media in order to search for new possibilities employing languages other than English. This paper utilizes the advantages of diacritics in Arabic to implement text steganography. Diacritics - or Harakat - in Arabic are used to represent vowel sounds and can be found in many formal and religious documents. The proposed approach uses eight different diacritical symbols in Arabic to hide binary bits in the original cover media. The embedded data are then extracted by reading the diacritics from the document and translating them back to binary.


KeywordsArabic text, Cryptography, Feature coding, Information security, Text steganography, Text watermarking.