IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and its Applications in conjunction with the International Conference on Information Sciences, Signal Processing and their Applications (ISSPA), Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, February 12-15, 2007.    


Parallelizing GF(P) Elliptic Curve Cryptography Computations for Security and Speed


Adnan Gutub, Mohammad Ibrahim, and Turki Al-Somani



The elliptic curve cryptography can be observed as two levels of computations, upper scalar multiplication level and lower point operations level. We combine the inherited parallelism in both levels to reduce the delay and improve security against the simple power attack. The best security and speed performance is achieved when parallelizing the computation to eight parallel multiplication operations. This strategy is worth considering since it shows very attractive performance conclusions.


Keywords: ECC, GF(p) arithmetic, Projective coordinate systems, parallel elliptic curve point operations.