Dr. Muhammad Elrabaa

Computer Engineering Dept.

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

P.O.Box 584, Dhahran 31261

Saudi Arabia





     B.Sc.         Computer Engineering, Kuwait University, Kuwait, 1989

M.A.Sc.     Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo, CANADA, 1991

     PhD           Electrical & Computer Engineering,           University of Waterloo, CANADA,1995



 Sept. 2001 - to present: Assistant, then Associate, then Full Professor, Computer Engineering Dept., King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

              Taught many courses (both grad and undergrad) in areas of Logic Design, VLSI, Design, Modeling, and Synthesis of Digital systems using Hardware Description Languages, Senior Projects, Fundamentals of Computer Eng. Designs, etc.


Sept. 1998 – August 2001: Assistant Professor, Electrical Eng. Dept., UAE   University

Taught courses in areas of Computers (Logic Design, Software Engineering and Design, Simulation, and Synthesis of Digital Hardware using Hardware Description Languages) and Electronics (Analog and Digital Electronics, Computer-Aided Circuit Design and VLSI). Also supervised many graduation projects in networking and communication.


Sept. 1995 – Sept. 1998: Senior Component Design Engineer, Intel Corp., Portland, Oregon, USA

Designed, simulated, and tested digital circuits, analog circuits, and mixed digital-analog circuits. This involved working in a team as well as supervising others.


Sept. 1989 - Sept. 1995: Research Assistant, University of Waterloo, Waterloo,  Ontario, CANADA

Conducted research on digital BiCMOS, communication, and Memory circuits. This included the design, simulations, and testing of a large variety of circuits.


May 1990 - Dec. 1994: Teaching Assistant, University of Waterloo

Worked as a teaching assistant for Electronics, Digital Logic design, and Integrated Circuit Design courses.   


Jan. 1992 - Dec. 1994: A contracted Researcher, The Microelectronics Center, Northern Telecom (NorTel) Ltd., Ottawa,  


Designed, simulated, and tested a variety of high-speed communication circuits   


May 1992-Apr. 1993: A contracted Circuit Designer, Canadian Microelectronics Corporation (CMC), CANADA

Designed, simulated and developed a library of digital standard cell circuits.


May 1989 - Sept. 1989: Research Assistant, Kuwait University, Kuwait

Developed complex data structures for a new software that simulate neural networks


Jan. 1989 - May 1989: Teaching Assistant, Kuwait University, Kuwait

As a senior undergraduate student worked as a teaching assistant for a 4th year computer operating systems course




   FPGA Cloud-Based Custom Computing Machines

FPGA-based Cloud security

   Dynamically Altered Hardware Using Programmable Logic Devices

   Data Communication Circuits and Networks on Chip

   Smart Environmental Sensors

   Low-Power Digital Circuits

   Mixed Digital-Analog Circuits





   Good knowledge of Hardware Description Languages (HDL) such as Verilog and VHDL and their use to model and synthesis hardware

   Experience with many operating systems (UNIX, VMS,Windows, NT)

   Excellent programming skills in many computer languages

   Excellent communication skills




   Was placed on the dean’s list during all my undergraduate study

   Attended many workshops and international conferences

   Was awarded many scholarships in the University of Waterloo during my graduate study

   Gave many tutorials in workshops and conferences

   Reviewed many papers for international journals and conferences

   Was awarded several US patents