Ramadan Mubarak



   رمضان مبارك.

أسأل الله أن يوفقنا جميعاً للصيام والقيام،

وأن يبلغنا رمضانات عديدة ويوفقنا لكل ما يحبه ويرضاه.

COE 593 Class Time during Ramadan:

Proposed time by one team member (Comes from Jubail): 9:00 PM

I suggest we start at 9:30 PM next Sunday, and can make the class 60:00 minutes, if needed for next Sunday.

We can agree on a possible change in schedule next Sunday.

If you want to provide options earlier, please send by E-mail:



Good luck.

Dr. Atef Jawad Al-Najjar