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Take Home Quiz006:

Take Home Quiz 006

Due (E-mail): Next Sun. April 11, 2004 at 09:00 PM

Hint: Refer to the material in Ch. 5 or any other source.

Q.1 The physical layer of the IEEE 802 reference model includes such functions as: ...
List three functions.

Above the physical layer are the functions associated with providing service to LAN users. These include the following: ...
List four, and label them as LLC or MAC.

Q.2 As an end-to-end protocol, there are fundamental services that can be provided by LLC.
List and define three.

Q.3 Compare the LLC address to the MAC address.

Q.4 List two reasons why it is undesirable to assign unique LSAPs across all stations.

Q.5 List three advantages for the centralized Medium Access Control Scheme.

Q.6 In general, access control techniques can be categorized into either synchronous or asynchronous.
List and define the three categories of the asynchronous approach.

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