ICS 103 - Example Programs
Computer Programming in C


Aiman H. El-Maleh


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Chapter 2

Convert Miles to Kilometers

Integer Division and Remainder

Value of Coins

Chapter 3

Weight of a Batch of Flat Washers

Square Root Program

Draw a Stick Figure

Chapter 4

Letter Case Conversion

Computing Tax

Switch Statement

Chapter 5



Temperature Table

Sentinel Controlled Loop

Nested Counting Loop

Displaying Month

Displaying Stars

Do While

Get Integer within Range

Debugging a Program

Chapter 6


Output Parameters: function separate

Output Parameters: function order

File Input and Output

Detecting End-Of-File

Chapter 7

Array input and output, calculating mean and standard deviation

Array Parameters

Read array from file

Selection sort

2D Arrays

Chapter 8

String Input and Output

Reading a string with gets versus scanf

The fgets and fputs functions

Converting a string to uppercase

Counting letters, digits, spaces, etc.

The strcat function

The strtok function

The strstr function

Sorting names








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