Name:                                    Dr. Assad Ahmed Al-Thukair


Business Address:            Chemistry Department, KFUPM, P. O. Box 157,

 Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia

                                                 Tel.: 966-505820490; Fax: 966-3-860 6216



Nationality:                           Saudi


Date of Birth:                        February 2, 1958


Gender:                                  Male






1991                                         Ph.D. in Environment, specialized in Marine Ecology,  Boston

University, Boston, USA.

Research focused on Arabian Gulf Marine Environment.


1985                                     M.Sc. in Environmental Ecology, Eastern Illinois University,

Charleston, IL, U.S.A.

Research focused on Chemical Analysis of Water samples.






Extensive teaching, research, and management of research projects related to terrestrial, and  marine environments. Coordinating workshops and activities pertaining to the same field.




Excellent management and administrative skills acquired from national, and international work exposure.


1998-2004                               Chairman, Chemistry Department, K.F.U.P.M

Managing department consists of more than 60 faculty and staff. Activities include routine administration work as well as preparing departmental budget, purchasing of equipment, evaluation of technical reports, departmental meetings, and correspondence with various organizations.


2000-Present                          Member of various committees

        Appointed as a member of the  advisory  committee for the
Center of Petroleum & Gas,  Research institute, K.F.U.P.M.
        Participated in various organizing committees (scientific and
administrative)  at the University level as chairman, co-

chairman, or member. This  participation includes; organizing conferences and workshops, and participation in

various scientific committees. 


1996 & 1995                           International Exposure to Management Techniques.

        Participated in Battell International Program in R & D.  Columbus, Ohio, USA. The program focused on different aspects of management in the R & D area, including principles of leadership, and other practices of R & D management.


        Participated in Contract Project Management in R & D organized jointly by UNESCO and Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain. The program focused on enhancing abilities of senior scientists to manage different types of projects in R & D.  It also provided good guideline to manage personnel.


1994-1996                                                              Board Member of Air & Waste Management Association, 

Saudi Arabia Section.

 Responsibilities include, organizing conferences and seminars, technical review, budget management, and

 periodical meetings with members.


1993-1997                               Member of Faculty Evaluation Committee at KFUPM.

                                                    Involved in evaluating performance of faculty and renewal of faculty contracts.




Broad experience and exposure to scientific research, documentation, and all other technical aspects related to terrestrial, marine environment, oil pollution, and oil spill containment techniques. 


1991-Present                          Principle investigator of projects

I have been heavily involved in executing projects related to oil pollution, environmental impact assessments. Currently, I am the Principal investigator of two projects sponsored by King Abdul-Aziz City of Science and Technology (KACST). One project related to monitoring of pollution along the Red Sea. While the other is to characterize, and chemical analysis the discharge of sewage discharge along the Arabian Gulf. 

1983-Present                          Possessed excellent knowledge on marine environment and oil pollution aspects.

Comprehensive experience through participation in several research projects related to the Gulf Water sponsored by National and International agencies, such agencies include Saudi Aramco, ROPME, IMO, NOAA Tokyo University, MEPA, NCWC, and UNEP.


1998                                                                                Clean-up activities

    Participated as Chairman of H.H. Prince Sultan Committee for clean-up of Coral Reefs in Jubail, and Azizia beach in

     the Eastern Province.


1992-1996                                                              Co-Chair of the Scientific Publication Committee.

    Participated as co-chairman of the Scientific committee at the Research Institute, K.F.U.P.M to review scientific

     papers submitted to various scientific journals.


1995                                                                                Effect of pollution and urbanization on mangrove habitats.

    Participated in research project related to the effect of different kinds of pollution as well as land reclamation on

    mangrove habitat along the East Coast of Saudi Arabia, which is sponsored by UNEP.


1995-1997                                                              NCWC activities related to Marine Sanctuary.

                                                    Participated in research project carried out in the Marine Sanctuary area in Jubail, Saudi Arabia to study the effect of

                                                    oil pollution on marine habitats and different organisms.


1993-1994                                                              Oceanographic Cruises carried by Tokyo University in Cooperation with ROPME.

                                                    Participated and executed two research projects on productivity of marine organisms and the long effect of the Gulf

                                                    War on those organisms.


1992-1993                                                              IMO activities

     Participated as a Co-leader in related to selection of oil polluted sites and appropriates selection of clean-up



1991-Present                          Aramco sustaining research projects studied the effect of environmental changes and oil pollution along

                                                the East Coast.

                                                    Participated as investigator to execute several research projects related to marine environment of the Arabian

                                                    Gulf, sponsored by Saudi Aramco.

 1991-1992                                                             100-Day Oceanographic Cruise of NOAA Ship Mt. Mitchell in ROPME sea area.

    Participated in two Legs (II, IV) as co-leg leader to execute research projects related to the Arabian

    Gulf environment and study the effect of  1991 Gulf War on the marine environment.


1991                                                                                ROPME monitoring programs

Participated in several studies on fate and distribution of contaminants along the Gulf sponsored by ROPME

 (Regional Organization of Protection of Marine Environment).


1983                                        Investigation of Potential Health Effect of Nowruz Oil


Participated as a member of the marine task force committee assembled by the Research Institute, K.F.U.P.M

 based on request of the Ministry of Agriculture to investigate possible health effects of oil pollution on fishes and

 fish stock.





Attain excellent administrative experience in organizing conferences, workshops, symposiums, and seminars. This includes theme selection, committee distribution, budget allocation, paper revision, speakers scheduling, and allocation of workshop/conference, guest accommodation and compiling publications and other logistic arrangements.

 2000-2001                                                             Organized two separate 4-days workshop, and conference in

 K.F.U.P.M on Prepetory  programs, and the First Saudi

 Scientific conference on science.


1998 and 1996                        Organized two separate 2-Day Workshops in Saudi Arabia on Biotechnology and Membrane Separation.


1998                                        Organized a 1-Day Workshop on Catalysis in K.F.U.P.M.

                                                Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.


1997                                        Organized a 2-Day Workshop on Marine Pollution in

K.F.U.P.M, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.


1996                                                                                Organized a 2-Day Workshop on Water Reuse and Greening of the Desert in K.F.U.P.M, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.


1995                                        Organized a 3-Day Conference on the Status of the Marine

                                                Environment and long Effect of Oil Pollution in ROPME Sea

                                                Area in Tokyo, Japan.


1994                                                                                Organized a 5-Day Workshop on Assessment and Remediation of Oil Contaminated Soil in Kuwait.


1993                                                                                Organized a 4-Day Workshop on the Effect of Pollution in

ROPME sea area in Kuwait.







Selected published papers in refereed journals, and books


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Fayad, N. M., S. Illias and Al-Thukair, A. A., Spectrophotometric determination of total phenolic compounds in some species of Arabian Gulf fish.  In Marine Environmental Pollution. Eds. Halwagy, R., Clayton, D., and Bahbehani, M, U.K., Alden Press Ltd. 127-133. 1986.






2003                                        UNESCO Fellowship Bank Program

2000                                        Based on my discovery of new species of bacteria found in the Arabian Gulf, I was nominated for the Carlos J. Finly Prize for Microbiology, UNESCO.

1997                                        UNESCO MIRCEN fellowship award in Biotechnology.

1995                                                                                Fulbright Research Award.

1992                                        Regional Organization of Protection of Marine Environment     Scientific Award 1992.

1988                                        Sigma Xi Society research grant.

1986-1991                               Graduate Scholarship, Boston University, Boston, U.S.A.

1983-1991                               Full Scholarship, University of Petroleum and Minerals for

                                                Ph.D degree.


Computer skills


Excellent knowledge of standard PC programs such as world, excell, office and other  statistical programs including sigma plot, sigma scan. Also good knowledge in other sophisticated statistical analysis and 3D models package programs.     





Member of the following scientific associations:


  1. American Association For the Advancement of Science (Member since 1995)

  2. American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (Member since 1985)

  3. American Society of Civil Engineers, Saudi Arabia (Member since 1996)

  4. Phycological Society of America (Member since 1988)

  5. International Society for Mangrove Ecosystem ((Member since 1992)

  6. Sigma Xi Society (Member since 1985).

  7.  Saudi Arabian Biological Society (Member since 1980)

  1. Air and Waste Management Association, Saudi Arabia Section (Member since 1994)

  2. Saudi Arabia Chemical Society (Member since 1991)