1.Selected Papers in refereed Journals

1.      Al-Thukair, A. A,. Raeid M.Abed, and Mohamed, L. "Microbial Community of Cyanobacteria mats in the Intertidal zone of Oil-polluted Coast in Saudi Arabia". J.Marine pollution Bull. Vol. 54 (2007), pp.173-179.

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6.     . : . . 15. 1. (1423) 5-8.

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2.Refereed technical reports


1.      Al-Thukair, A.A., and Al-Hinai, Khatab. Distribution, andenvironmental status of algal mat sites located on the East Coast of Saudi Arabia following oil spill.  In:  Final Report of the Scientific Workshop on the Result of the R/V Mt. Mitchell Cruise in the ROPME Sea Area, Kuwait. Vol. 2 (1993), pp. 14-34.


2.      Final Report  of  "Characterization, Utilization and Disposal of Municipal Sludge.

(KACST AT-18-28)(Client: KACST; Participation: Co- investigator)

Technical Proposal                                                              (Delivered December 1999)

Progress Report                                                                   (Delivered August 2000)

Progress Report                                                                   (Delivered February 2001)

Final Report                                                                         (Delivered April 2002)


3.      Final Report of "Studies to determine foul smell due to pollution in Dammam Cornish, 2002.( Dammam Manucipality)

Technical Proposal                                                              (Delivered May    2002)

Final Report                                                                          (Delivered December 2002)


4.      Sustaining Research Project-Marine environmental studies

(PN# 24131) (Client: Saudi Aramco; Participation: co-investigator)  



Dredging and Spoils Disposal Report                                      (Delivered May 20, 1992)   

Land Filling-Benthos & Plankton Baseline                               (Delivered May 20, 1992)

Coral Reef Monitoring-Annual Report                                    (Delivered May 20, 1992)

Annual Report                                                 (Delivered May 20, 1992)

Quarterly Letter Progress Report                                           (Delivered May 20, 1992)

Quarterly Letter Progress Report                                           (Delivered August 4, 1992)

Quarterly Letter Progress Report                                           (Delivered November 15, 1992)

Annual Report                                                                     (Delivered July 28, 1993)

Quarterly Letter Progress Report                                           (Delivered October 24, 1993)

Quarterly Letter Progress Report                                           (Delivered May 11, 1994)

Draft Final Report                                                                 (Delivered August 3, 1994)

Final Report                                                                        (Delivered June 17, 1995)

Volume 1. Overview and Biotope Maps.

Volume 2. Dredging Impact Investigations.

Volume 3. Abu Ali Causeway Impact Investigations.

Volume 4. Mangrove Investigations.

Volume 5. Coral Reef Investigations.

Volume 6. Outfall Investigations.

Volume 7. Platform Investigations.

Volume 8. Hydrodynamic Models for Tidal, Wind-Driven, and Density Driven 

                   Circulation in the Arabian Gulf.

Volume 9. Pollutant and Sediment Transport Models.

Volume 10. Thermal and Brine Models for the Arabian Gulf.


5.      Development of Red Sea Biotope Maps Using Remote Sensing Imagery

(PN# 24164) (Client: Saudi Aramco; Participation: co-investigator)


Technical Proposal                                                           (Delivered May 1996)

Quarterly Letter Progress Report                                     (Delivered October 25, 1996)

Quarterly Progress Report                                               (Delivered March 12, 1997)

Quarterly Progress Report                                               (Delivered September 18,1997)

Quarterly Progress Report                                               (Delivered February 7,1998)

Quarterly Progress Report                                               (Delivered September 15,1998)

Quarterly Progress Report                                               (Delivered February ,1999)


      6.        Final Report of "Two Years Monitoring Program of Algal Mats Located in Red Sea (KACST AT-16-90)(Client: KACST;                    

             Participation: Principle Investigator)

Technical Proposal                                                              (Delivered December 1996)

Quarterly Letter Progress Report                                         ( Delivered April 30, 1998)

Progress Report                                                                  (Delivered November 1998)

Progress Report                                                                  (Delivered May 1999)

Progress Report                                                                  (Delivered January 2001)

Progress Report                                                                  (Delivered September 2003)

Progress Report                                                                  (Delivered April 2004)


      7.    Studies to determine foul smell due to pollution in Dammam Cournish.

(Resarch Institute).




4. Books and Book Chapters


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