Name                    : Salah Eldin Mustafa Sultan

Esq.                       : B.Sc., Ph.D., CChem., FRSC

Academic Rank      : Professor

Languages             : Arabic, English & some German       

Religion                 : Muslim

Nationality             : Sudanese

Present Address     :The Chemistry Department, King Fahd University, KFUPM :

                                P.O. Box No. 2026, Dhahran 31261, Saudi Arabia.

Telephone              : 00966  3 8602532 Office

                               00966  3 8605838 Residence

                               00966 509549265 Mobile

E-mail                     :

Professor Sultan is a Professor of Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry currently working in the Chemistry Department at King Fahd University (KFUPM), Saudi Arabia.Professor Sultan received his PhD in 1982 from the University of Exeter, at Exeter, UK. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK and a Chartered Chemist thus allowed to use the designatory letters FRSC, CChem. During 1982 to 1988 worked at King Saud University, Riyadh.In the industry, Professor Sultan has conducted and worked as a Project Manager for a-three million Saudi Riyals-two-years major project for Ibn Zahr (SABIC, Saudi Arabia, Affiliate) for developing and updating the Quality Assurance labs. He also worked as a consultant for other small industrial projects. Professor Sultan is the founder and owner of two(2) strategic industries in Sudan, one is named Samf for the production of pharmaceuticals, the other is named Polytech for PVC Pipes manufacturing. Professor Sultan is considered the leading scientist in Flow Injection Analysis technique thus working as the Consultant for the Middle East for FIA Lab Instruments, USA, thus developing and adapting the FIA technique to wet chemical analyses including water and pharmaceuticals.In research and publications, Professor Sultan has been awarded The Best Researcher Award at KFUPM, 1998. He has published four(4) books, two of which are considered as textbooks being taught at King Saud University, King Abdel Azizi University and King Faisal University. One is recently published (2007) by Taylor & France Group, USA and considered the latest in Water Analysis. Professor Sultan has published more than hundred papers and monographs in internationally reputable journals and conferences. The research interest includes: (1) Establishing and adopting new methods of analysis suitable for checking the quality of several chemical compounds, water and drugs to assure conformity to international and national specifications by searching in depth to improve the chemical composition, thus facilitating setting standard specifications. (2) Undertaking full kinetic investigation leading to a direct postulation of a reaction mechanism, thus validating a comprehensible method of analysis. (3)  Applying Chemometrics for setting up optimum conditions of different variables to newly adopted method of analysis. Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) is considered his major field of interest and impact. The methods so far adopted by him and co-workers have been reported to be very simple, reliable, fast and economical. The remarkable development of the sequential injection analysis (SIA) technique exhibited by the work published by him is considered a real contribution and a significant impact in Analytical Chemistry. Some of these, if not all, are now considered standard methods of analysis, which are set up in laboratories of international reputation and well-recognised firms, were found to be better and offers advantages of speed, economy, specificity and convenience. In teaching, Professor Sultan has focussed in teaching Environmental Chemistry, General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation. Sultan has acted  as a main supervisor for more than ten (10) PhD and more than twenty (20) MSc students.