CHEM 101-General Chemistry

Chapter 8 (Zumdahl 5th edition)

Bonding: General Concepts

Sodium With Kerosene

Sodium metal is so reactive that it is stored under kerosene to protect it from the oxygen in the air.


As we examine the world around us, we find it to be composed almost entirely of compounds asnd mixtures of compounds: Rocks, coal, soil, petroleum, trees, and human bodies are all complex mixtures of chemical compounds in which different kinds of atoms are bound together.


From our knowledge of periodic trends, we might expect SiO2 and CO2 to be very similar, but they are not. Why are they so different? We will be able to answer this question after we have developed models for bonding.


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Lecture #01: Type of Bonds and Polarity

Lecture #02: Ions and Lattice Energy

Lecture #03: Covalent Bonds and Lewis Structure

Lecture #04: VSEPR Molecular Structure Model

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