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i.     Undergraduate Courses Taught at Alexandria University:

General Chemistry I and II and Physical Chemistry I and II within 1984-1989 (Labs, and/or Recitations three sections per semester) for freshmen and senior students, respectively.


ii. Undergraduate and Graduate Courses Taught at KFUPM:

General Chemistry I and II (CHEM101, CHEM102; Lectures and Recitations)

Physical Chemistry I and II (CHEM301/212, CHEM302/311, Lectures).

Computer Application in Chemistry (CHEM-341, Lecture and Lab)

Computational Chemistry (CHEM 590, Lecture and Lab)


iii.    Course and Lab Improvement/Development:


Modify CHEM-341 course, “Computer Applications in Chemistry”, to be totally given from a Personal Computer (PC) laboratory (Semester # 932) and adoption of a new Windows Molecular Modeling ready-to-use Software from HyperCube.

Revision and modification of some chemistry courses/Labs Physical chemistry experiments and general chemistry experiments from the old versions of Lab Manuals.

Implementing and setup a new physical chemistry experiment entitled “Surface Tension.”

Proposing and setup new special topic for the chemistry graduate program entitled “Computational Chemistry”. The course CHEM-590 is offered for the first time to the graduate chemistry students on September 2000  (Semester 001).


iv.   Short Course(s) Taught:

Basic Statistics for Laboratory App. 

Use of Personal Computer by Chemists    




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