UNDERGRAD:         General Chemistry (I & II) {CHEM 101 & CHEM 102), General Chemistry Labs (I & II) Analytical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry Lab, Physical Chemistry (I, II, & III)[CHEM 212, 311, and 312], Physical Chemistry Labs (I & II), Instrumental Chemical Analysis [CHEM 307], Instrumental Chemical Analysis Lab.  Applications of Computer Programming in Chemistry [CHEM 341]. 


GRADUATE:             Advanced Physical Chemistry [CHEM 510], Quantum Chemistry (I & II) [CHEM 516 and CHEM 616], Chemical Thermodynamics [CHEM 512], Chemical Kinetics [CHEM 511], Molecular Spectroscopy [CHEM 515], Electron Spin Relaxation in Liquids {CHEM 616]


SHORT COURSE:    Statistics for Laboratory Applications, Laboratory Safety