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Challenging university teaching/administrative position providing leadership in academic affairs on teaching, R&D, technology, computing, organizational management and advanced technical presentations. 




University professor/worldwide public speaker.  Results-oriented technical professional with excellent writing and communication skills.   Creative and highly experienced in proposal writing, organizing, managing and implementing research projects.  Successful in a supervisory capacity, as an individual contributor or in a team environment.  Computer literate.  Can travel and make presentations in national and international conferences.  Publications in solid/liquid state EPR and NMR and catalysis.




        Professor of Chemistry with experience in computational chemistry: molecular structure and design and hands-on experience with some of the most widely used modeling software in chemical and pharmaceutical research.

        Published over 55 research papers in international refereed journals and made over 50 conference presentations in international conferences.

        Editor for Chemistry of an international journal for 15 years. Duties include selection of reviewers, processing of the manuscripts submitted, presenting the manuscripts to the Editorial Board with editorial recommendations.  

        Supervisor of Physical Chemistry Division for five years with strong record of laboratory development and effectiveness in management.

        Member of University Scientific Council for one year. As the highest decision making body of the University Board, I was involved in formulation of general policy of the University. 

        Chairman of Curriculum Committee.   Designed of curricula at B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. levels. The Curriculum Committee was charged with the responsibility of designing course descriptions and degree structure and getting it approved by the University Council.  In addition, the Curriculum Committee was charged with the responsibility of  approving textbooks for adoption and ensuring enough books for departmental course offerings.         

        Member of University Research Committee. Duties include evaluation of conference attendance applications, research proposals, and sabbatical leave research proposals.  In addition to the normal duties I was chairman of the Research Proposal and Sabbatical Leave Sub-Committee responsible in making recommendations to the mother committee. I was also the editor for the Research Newsletter which is published twice a year

        Acting Director, Central Research Workshop.  Supervision of three staff members. Ordering of materials and research instruments to support ongoing research projects.  Report directly to the Vice Rector.  

        Coordinator of General Chemistry. Duties include organizing the general syllabus, coordinating and proof reading of major exams and finals.  Booking of examination auditorium and classrooms and proctor assignment.  Chaired the committee for the selection of a textbook for general chemistry.

        Supervisor of Electron Magnetic Resonance Laboratory. Duties include the supervision of one laboratory technician and two Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR)  spectrometers.  I was responsible for establishing the first EPR laboratory at KFUPM in 1982 and developed an active research program.

        Chairman of Seminar/Social Activities Org. Committee.  Duties include organizing and holding a series of scientific, informative and educational seminars in order to enlighten and educate both students and faculty members of the Chemistry Department; organizing annual social gatherings for departmental faculty in order to nurture close links of mutual cooperation and understanding. 




Ph.D.   1972   Univ. of  California, Los Angeles, California, USA

B.Sc. Hons  1966   Univ. of British Columbia,  Vancouver, Canada




1972‑75                             Postdoctoral Associate, Cornell University

1976‑78                             Assistant Professor, Abadan Inst. of Tech.   

1978‑79                             Postdoctoral Associate, The Univ. of Alabama

1979‑81                             Assistant Professor, KFUPM

1981‑87                             Associate Professor, KFUPM

1987‑present                      Professor, KFUPM

1995‑96                             Visiting Scholar, Univ. of Calif., San Diego




Married, fluent in English, Chinese, and Indonesian.




available upon request