Being an active member in the Academic Development Center  at KFUPM which was promoted recently to the Deanship of Academic and Development I became involved in many University activities pertinent to various academic areas, namely:
Peer consultation: I was among a group of  faculty members who were trained in a workshop of 30 hr. to conduct peer consultations pertinent to teaching regularly throughout the University. In this program we offer some help to the faculty members (specially, beginners and junior faculty) who wish to improve their teaching performance.
I have been just appointed as a mentor for the faculty members of the Chemistry Department at KFUPM.
I am a member of the University assessment group and the E-Learning Committee. I am also a member of the  Advisory Committee for the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs.
I worked as a member in a team in a program on developing employability skills for the graduates of KFUPM.
I am a member of the Committee responsible for the preparation of the University entrance exam.
I was a member of the team formed during the Summer 2004 to formulate the course contents and write a book on the “University Study Skills”. This course has just been approved as University requirement for all Preparatory Year students. I just finished my share by writing chapters on: Classroom activities, note taking during lectures, reading skills and study skills.
University/Industry Interaction: We (group of 6 faculty members) have just started a project funded by the Deanship of Academic Development, KFUPM to study and formulate the ways and means and regulations for the KFUPM / local industry interaction 
Currently, I am a member of a team (5 members) working on a two-years funded project for Bin-Zahr Company (One of the SABIC companies that produces polypropylene), Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia.
We work on the development of the man power (teaching courses pertinent to their lab techniques and instrumentation, good lab practice and safety in chemical laboratories) and upgrading the quality control laboratories by introducing new equipment related to flow injection systems, evaluating the existing equipment and validating all lab equipment and system operating procedures used in their labs.