•     I participate as a coordinator and an instructor in the following short courses offered almost regularly every academic year by the Chemistry Department to the personnel working in various industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf States and to school teachers in SaudiArabis:

        1. Principles and Applications of Atomic Absorption and atomic Emission Spectroscopy
        2. Application of Gas and Liquid Chromatography.
        3. Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry.
        4. Trace Analysis.
        5. Applications of Statistics in Chemistry
        6. Principles of Basic Chemistry for the Secondary Schools Teachers.

•     I am actively involved in the supervision of the work requested by various governmental and private agencies that relates to sample analysis or tests on crude oil and oil products performed in the service analytical laboratories and the Oil Testing Center.

•     I participated in writing books to the Saudi Ministry of Education for the Applied Chemistry curriculum of the Developed Secondary Education Program and the Ministry of Education in Jordan.

•     I served as the Analytical Division supervisor and the service analytical laboratories for a period of five years from August 1991 until August 1996. I also supervised all the analytical services
conducted for agencies outside KFUPM during that period.

•     I  am the Coordinator of the Oil Testing Center of the Chemistry Department, KFUPM since September 1996 up to date.

Committee Work

Over the years of my service at KFUPM, I participated in almost all the Departmental standing committees as well as a significant number of standing and ad hoc departmental, college and University committees.

• Among the Departmental committees, I chaired the Curriculum Committee, Information committee, Guest speakers committee, Revision of chemistry and industrial chemistry curricula committee, Reviewing methods of testing freshman chemistry students in American universities committee, A committee on specific recommendations for freshman chemistry exams at KFUPM.

• On the College level, I participated in few committees, among them a committee on “Introduction of an Educational Diploma in the College of Sciences” in which I made significant efforts with the other colleagues, Community services and promoting the College of Sciences Committees

• On the University level, I was a permanent member in the Academic Development Center Committee. In this Committee the members (four members) work as fellows to the Center. We drafted the guidelines for the academic development activities such as: the internal assessments of academic programs and curricula development, peer consultation and microteaching programs, teaching portfolio, organizing workshops and forums relevant to the enhancement of teaching and learning at KFUPM and others. I also served actively in a University committee on a project for developing multimedia about KFUPM in which, a CD on the KFUPM was produced. I chaired and actively engaged in preparing a program on “ Diploma in Chemical Technology” to be offered among other University evening diploma programs.

• I also served in few KFUPM promotion committees.