Alexis Nzila, PhD

Asst. Professor

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM)

PO Box 468 Dhahran Saudi Arabia

Office:+966 3 860 7716

Home: +966 3 860 5021





-Trained as Parasitologist and biochemist.

- Currently, Asst. Professor in Biological Studies

-Lead a research group for more than 10 years

Have a deep understanding of the biology (biochemistry) of folate in malaria and in mammalian cell: Used this knowledge to discover new drugs against malaria

-Evaluated one of such drugs (methotrexate) in baboons

-Discovered strategies to reverse resistance to antimalarial antifolates, using the ucosuric agent probenecid (which has been tested in a PhaseII/III trial in human)

- Carried out Phase I clinical evaluation in human of methotrexate, an old drug, I “re-discovered” as antimalarial

-Contributed to the understanding of the mechanisms of resistance to antimalarials

- contributed to establishing that methotrexate is also potent against Plasmodium vivaxin vitro.

-Experienced in leadership, and in creative thinking, which have led to the discovery of new antimalarials,using malaria and cancer cells biochemistry

- Managed research grants and some of them of more than 300,000 US Dollars.

-Good writing skills: Published more than 45 manuscripts in international scientific journals

-Good communications kills: Participated in several international conferences

- Got two majors awards. The African scientists of the year 2006 by Pfizer-Royal Society, UK and the African scientist of the year 2009 by European Union developing countries clinical trial partnership (EDCTP).



Worked with

- University of Cape Town, South Africa

-University of Liverpool, UK

-University of Oxford, UK

-University of Washington, Seattle, USA

-The KEMRI/Wellcome Trust collaborative programme in Kenya



Proficient in:

-French and English

-Microsoft package, Word, Powerpoint, Excell;Stata programme(statistics):ISISDraw (chemical structure)




From Sept 2011

Asst. Professor, at the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM), Dharan Saudi Arabia

          Activity: Teaching to undergraduate and graduate classes, leading a research group


April 2011-July 2011:

Visiting scientist at the University of Oxford, Wellcome Trust Center for Human geneitcs, Oxford



                      Analysis of wide genome variation of malaria parasite


October 2010-March 2011:

Visiting scientist at the University of the Cape Town, at the Department of Chemistry and Clinical pharmacology.



                      Work on Biotransformation of compounds as strategy to discover new drugs

                      In vitro High through put screening of antimalarials

                      Drug repositioning as strategy to discover new antimalarial


January2007 to present 2010 October 2011

Sanger Institute (Cambridge, Hinxton), and University of Oxford                                           Hinxton and Oxford UK

Principal investigator


Whole genome

Phenotype association to understand the mechanisms of antimalarial drug resistance using the new sequencing platform, Solexa sequencing.

This is a collaborative project between the Sanger Institute and our KEMRI/Wellcome Trustcenter.


Organised and directed the following work at the KEMRI/Wellcome center:

-In vitro adaptation of malaria parasite for long term culture

-in vitro chemosensitivity profile of Kenyan isolates against most 20antimalarials

-Preparation of human-DNA-free parasites using lymphoprep and plasmodipur filters for sequencing (Solexa sequencing at Sanger Institute).



January2005 to  present


KEMRI Wellcome Trust Programme                                                                                    Nairobi, Kenya

Principal investigator

Studies on “Understanding the mechanisms of lumefantrine, piperaquine and amodiaquine resistance in Plasmodium falciparum".


Organised and directed the following work:

-In vitro chemosensitivity profiles of parasite against antimalarials

-Sequencing of drug resistance gene (using capillary method)

-Selection of resistance in vitro and in vivo (using murine malaria)

-Reversal of drug resistance in vitro and in vivo using chemosensitiser agents


September 1999 to December2004

University of Liverpool                                                                                                               Liverpool, UK

Research fellow

Studies on parasite biochemistry and understanding of antimalarial mode of actions(3

Months per year):

Carried out the following work:

-Quantification of drug uptake/drug transport in the parasite

-Expression and purification of parasite dihydrofolate reductase


September 1999 to September2004

KEMRI/Wellcome Trust                                                                                                                              Nairobi

Research fellow


Principal Investigator:"Understanding of the mode of action of the combination of antifolate drugs and the mechanism of pyrimethamine/sulfadoxine (Fansidar®) resistance in P.falciparum."


This project contributed to the understanding of the mechanisms of the antifolate pyrimethamine-sulfadoxine resistance.


Carried out, organized and directed the following work:

-PCR analysis


-Drug chemosensitivity assays

-Phenotype/genotype association.


March1996 to September 1998

KEMRI Wellcome Trust                                                                                                              Nairobi

Post-doctoral fellow


-In vitro culture of malaria parasite,

-Analysis of drug sensitivity assays,

-PCR and Genotyping of plasmodium genes.


January1996 to March1996

University of Washington, Seattle, USA

Postdoctoral fellow

Post Doctoral Training on molecular biology of malaria: Genotyping of Plasmodium falciparumdihydrofolate reductase gene using PCR



University of Sciences and techniques Montpellier, France

Ph.D. Parasitology

The thesis title:"Detection and Identification of African trypanosomes by molecular hybridizationand by polymerase chain reaction."

Carried out work on:

-PCR analysis

-Primers design

-Gel electrophoresis

-DNA purification and quantification

-Molecular hybridization



University of Sciences and technique Montpellier

Degree of Advanced Studies Parasitology

Thesis on African Trypanosomiasis and Hormones disorders.

Carried out work on:

-In vitro culture of trypanosome

-In vivo culture of trypanosome in mice

-Quantification of hormone concentrations in mice



University of sciences and technique Montpellier

Master of Sciences in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology



University of sciences and techniques Montpellier

Bachelors of Sciences in Biochemistry





            From 1999, have been training and supervising students at various level of education (with report writing)

-       10 undergraduate students in attachment for 3-6 months

-       5 Masters students

-       2 PhD students (one is completing the training after 5 years)

-       1 Post doctoral (for 3 years)

From 2006, running of courses on biochemistry and molecular biology of malaria to interns as part of internship programme in our Unit.



Irish Health  Research Board (HRB)[GHRA-06-03] of the Republic of Ireland. Project grant of 252,862 Euros from January 2007- December 2009, on  “Investigation of mechanisms of resistance to the antimalarial drugs lumefantrine, piperaquine and amodiaquine in Africa”, co-investigator with Dr Agnus Bell of Trinity College, Dublin.  Half of the funds (126,431 Euros are allocated to Alexis Nzila).


European Union grant of 124,920 Euros from March 2007 to March 2010 on the “Development of New Drugs for the Treatment of Malaria: The antimalarial potential of Methotrexate and aminopterin”


Pfizer award with the Royal Society (UK) of £60,000 from October 2006 to October 2008 on “the understanding of the mechanism of action of the antifolate anticancer methotrexate in Plasmodium falciparum and the exploration of the potential of methotrexate as antimalarial.”


International Atomic energy Agency (IAEA):  Small Project grant, 21,000 US $ from 2005 to 2008. Impact of polymorphism on dihydrofolate reductase, dihydrofolate pteroate and host immunity markers on the efficacy of chlorproguanil dapsone. 


 European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCPT): Senior fellowship of 300,000 Euro from 2005-2008 on the Understanding the mechanisms of piperaquine resistance (PI).


Wellcome Trust: a grant of £150,296 for 3 years from 1999 to 2002 on The utility of combining oral artesunate with oral pyrimethamine/sulfadoxine (PSD) in delaying the emergence and spread of resistance PSD-resistant P. falciparum in Kenya (grant number 056686, with Dr Watkins and Pr Winstanley as PIs).


Wellcome Trust: A Research Fellowship Grant in Tropical Medicine of £368,000  (1999-2003) on Understanding of the mode of action of the combination of antifolate drugs and the mechanism of Fansidar® resistance in P. falciparum. (grant number 056769/Z/99/Z, PI)


National Institute of Health of USA (NIH/Fogarty International grant of 96,000$ for 3 years (2000-2003) on “ Selection of Fansidar Resistance in Malaria Parasites in Kenya” (co-PI with Pr Carol Sibley, of Washington University)



1.     Outstanding Senior African Scientist of year 2009 (European Union developing countries clinical trial partnership) [EDCTP] (20,000 Euros as research grant) []

2.     VIPUniversityofOxfordaward2007 (52,000 British Pound as salary support 2007-2008)

3.     PfizerRoyalSociety(UK)award of the best African scientist in2006 (90,000 Euros as research grant)



            From December 2009: Member of African Academy of science (




1.Low and non toxic dose of methotrexate and its analogs for the treatment of malaria and for infections from other apicomplex aparasites such as toxoplasma, babesia and theilaria. Kenya Intellectual Property (KEPI),Nairobi.June2007.


2.Combination of folate with methotrexate or methotrexate analogs for the treatment of malaria, toxoplasma in human and for the infections of babesia and theileria in animal. Kenya Intellectual Property (KEPI),Nairobi.June2007.


3.Diaminopterin derivatives as antifolate agents against Plasmodium falciparum and all organisms that have a complete endogenous folate pathway.PatentP407594GB,May,2002.W.P.Thompson&Co.,Liverpool,UK.


4.Reversing antimalarial resistance and potentiation of antifolate activity by probenecid in Plasmodium falciparum. Patent P407595GB,May,2002.W.P.Thompson & Co.,Liverpool,UK.


5.Diaminopteridine derivatives as antibacterial compounds. Patent application. P408034 GBJuly, 2 002.W.P.Thompson&Co.,Liverpool,UK.





From 2010: Member of the editorial board of the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine (APJTM)





1.Contributions to books


John Okombo, Leah Mwai and Alexis Nzila. Tackling the problem of antimalarial resistance  in Drug Discovery in Africa. Editor-in-Chief, Kelly Chibale, Co-Editors: Mike Davies-Coleman, Collen Masimirembwa. Publisher: Springer, In press


Alexis Nzila and Kelly Chibale. Anticancer drug repositioning against tropical diseases: the example of methotrexate in the treatment of malaria  in Drug Discovery in Africa. Editor-in-Chief, Kelly Chibale, Co-Editors: Mike Davies-Coleman, Collen Masimirembwa. Publisher: Springer, In press.


Nzila Alexis (2012). Antifolate drugs  in the treatment Plasmodium falciparum infection In: Treatment and Prevention of Malaria. Edited by Henry M. Staines and Sanjeev Krishna. Series Milestones in Drug Therapy. Series Editors: M.J. Parnham and J. Bruivels.


Nzila M.A..(2002).Chemistry and Biology of Pteridines and Folates. In:Antifolates:  Molecular Mechanisms of Resistance to Antimalarial Antifolate Drug Pyrimethamine/sulfadoxine. Sheldon Milstein…(et al).(eds),.KluwerAcademic Publishers,  Massachusetts,USA. (invitedcontribution).




2. Journals

2.1. Submitted for publication


Alexis Nzila1, John Okombo, Eric Ohuma and Assad Al-Thukair. Update on the in vivo tolerance and in vitro reduced susceptibility of the antimalarial lumefantrine. Submitted for publication



Nyaradzo T. L. Chigorimbo-Murefu, Stefan Louw1, Mathew Njoroge, Alexis Nzila, Collen Masimirembwa and Kelly Chibale. Biotransformation in the discovery of antimalarial agents. Submitted for publication.


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2.2.Published manuscripts or in Press


Julie Gutman, S. Patrick Kachur, Laurence Slutsker, Alexis Nzila, Theonesta Muttabingwa Combination of Probenecid- Sulfadoxine Pyrimethamine for Intermittent Preventive Treatment in Pregnancy? In press: Malaria Journal.



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