Nadhir A. H. Al-Baghli

Personal Information

Born in 1968, married since 1991, have 2 boys and 2 girls.

Current Position

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at KFUPM1


B.S. Chemical Engineering, KFUPM, 1991

M.S. Chemical Engineering, KFUPM, 1994

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Refining, CSM2, 2001.

Research Interests

Reactive Gas Absorption with Chemical Reaction.

Adsorptive Gas Separation.

Process Design and Simulation.

Teaching Experience:

1)      Basic Principles of Chemical Engineering.

2)      Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics.

3)      Fluid Mechanics, Mass Transfer, Heat Transfer and Separation Principles.

4)      Process Dynamic and Control.

5)      Integrated Design.

6)      Chemical Engineering Laboratories.

7)      Transport Phenomena.

8)      Phase Equilibrium.

Research Projects and Contribution

Member of a Client-Funded project to evaluate several commercial catalysts for the removal of Sulfur from FCC Gasoline.

Primary Investigator of  a University-Funded project to investigate the kinetics of UV degradation of MTBE in the presence of hydrogen peroxide.

Member of nine Master-Degree Committees.


Nadhir A. Al-Baghli and Kevin F. Loughlin, “Pure and Mixture Adsorption of Light Gases on ETS-10 Zeolite”, AIChE confrence, Los Angeles, USA, November, 2000.

Nadhir A. Al-Baghli , Steven A. Pruess , Victor F. Yesavage, M. Sami Selim, “A Rate-Based Model for the Design of Gas Absorbers for the Removal of CO2 and H2S Using Aqueous Solutions of MEA and DEA”, Fluid Phase Equilibrium, Volume 185, Issues 1-2, PP. 31-43, July 2001.

Nadhir A. Al-Baghli and Syed Ahmed Ali, “Recent Advances in FCC Gasoline Post-Treating Catalysts and Processes”, Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Chemistry in Industry, Bahrain, September, 2004.

Al-Baghli, Nadhir A. and Loughlin, Kevin F.,” Adsorption of Methane, Ethane, and Ethylene on Titanosilicate ETS-10 Zeolite’, Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, 2005, 50(3), 843-848.

S. U. Rahman, M. Al-Khater, N. A. Al-Baghli and M. A. Abul-Hamayel “NaturalConvective Mass Transfer from Embedded Cylinders in Saturated Porous Media” Accepted for publication, Journal of Porous Media, 2005.

N. A. Al-Baghli and S. S. Al-Khattaf, “Catalytic Cracking of a Mixture of Dodecane and 1,3,5 Tri-isopropyl-benzene over USY and ZSM-5 Zeolites Based Catalysts”, Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis Edited by J. Cejka (Aug 2005).

Al-Baghli, Nadhir A. and Loughlin, Kevin F.,” Binary and Ternary Adsorption of Methane, Ethane, and Ethylene on Titanosilicate ETS-10 Zeolite’ Accepted for publication, Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, 2006.

(1): King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

(2): Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, USA.