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Research Activities


Current Research Activities

KFUPM Funded

Development of a Generic Framework for Integrating CFD Models in the Feedback Control System - Phase I: Application to Heat Exchanger Inlet Area. Under Review.

Development of State Estimator in Reactive Distillation Control, Completed

SABIC Funded
Development of Methanol Recovery System: Design and Control, Completed

Client Funded
Development of National Higher Education Plan
On Going

Funded by: Ministry of Higher Education

MTBE Process Modeling and Analysis


Funded by: National Methanol Company

Amine Process Modeling
On Going
Funded by: Saudi Aramco

Other Research Topics (Thesis topics for graduate students)

Data Reconciliation in Reactive Systems
Control of divided wall columns
Control of heat integrated columns
MTBE Process Flowsheet Improvement
Control of grade transition in polymer processes


Process & Control Systems Department in Saudi Aramco, 2002

Thesis Advising

Control Loop Performance Monitoring in an Industrial Settings
External Examiner - RMIT University. Australia
Thesis On Going
Optimization of Reactive Distillation Using PSO
Thesis co-advisor
Thesis completed
State Estimation in Reactive Distillation
Thesis advisor
Thesis completed
Closedloop Identification for MPC: Case Study
Committee member
Thesis completed.

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