Dr. Kevin Francis Loughlin

Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals


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Ruthven, D.M., and Loughlin, K.F., "Effect of Crystal Shape and Size Distribution on the Calculation of Zeolite Diffusion Coefficients", Chem. Eng. Sci., 26 (4), 577-584 (1971).

[74 times]

Ruthven, D. M.; Loughlin, K. F..  Sorption of light paraffins in type-A zeolites.  Analysis and interpretation of equilibrium isotherms.    Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 1:  Physical Chemistry in Condensed Phases  (1972),  68(4),  696-708.  

[78 times]

Abdul-Rehman, H. B.; Hasanain, M. A.; Loughlin, K. F..  Quaternary, ternary, binary, and pure component sorption on zeolites.  1.  Light alkanes on Linde S-115 silicalite at moderate to high pressures.    Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research  (1990),  29(7),  1525-35.

[76 times]

Ruthven, D. M.; Derrah, R. I.; Loughlin, K. F..  Diffusion of light hydrocarbons in 5A zeolite.    Canadian Journal of Chemistry  (1973),  51(21),  3514-19.

[64 times]

Ruthven, D.M. and Loughlin, K.F., "On the Correlation and Interpretation of Zeolitic Diffusion Coefficients", Trans. Faraday Soc., 67 Pt. 6, 1661-1671 (1971).

[59 times]

Ruthven, D. M., and Loughlin, K. F., "The Sorption and Diffusion of n-Butane in Linde 5A Molecular Sieve", Chem. Eng. Sci., 26 (8), 1145-1154 (1971).

[52 times]

Loughlin, K.F., Derrah, R.I. and Ruthven, D.M., "On the Measurement of Zeolitic Diffusion Coefficients", Can. J. Chem. Eng., 49 (1), 66-70 (1971).

[44 times]

Ruthven, D. M.; Loughlin, K. F.; Derrah, R. I.  Sorption and diffusion of light hydrocarbons and other simple nonpolar molecules in type A zeolites.    Advances in Chemistry Series  (1973),  121(Mol. Sieves, Int. Conf., 3rd),  330-44

[40 times]

Ruthven, D. M.; Loughlin, K. F..  Diffusional resistance of molecular sieve pellets.    Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering  (1972),  50(4),  550-2. 

[39 times]

Vavlitis, A. P.; Ruthven, D. M.; Loughlin, K. F..  Sorption of n-pentane, n-octane, and n-decane in 5A zeolite crystals.    Journal of Colloid and Interface Science  (1981),  84(2),  526-31. 

[36 times]

Loughlin, K. F.; Hassan, M. M.; Fatehi, A. I.; Zahur, M.  Rate and equilibrium sorption parameters for nitrogen and methane on carbon molecular sieve.    Gas Separation & Purification  (1993),  7(4),  264-73. 

[28 times]

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