Research Activities


KACST Projects:


1.                  Performance Study of Water Desalination Methods in Saudi Arabia,” (AR-1-057)

            (Duration: Two years – Project completed successfully in 1983).

             Principal Investigators:  Dr. Charles K. Wojcik and Dr. Ali G. Maadhah.


2.                  “Solar Cooling Project,” (Phase 1) (1979-1981)

Project team: Dr. M Nazer, Dr. A. S. Al-Zakri, Dr. A.G. Maadhah, Dr. M. Barkatullah, Dr. A.F.M. Abdul-Ali and Mr. M.Zubair.


3.                  “Effects of Reduction Conditions on the Poperties of Supported Nickel Catalysts,” (Ar-09-064).

(Duration 2 years) (1988-1990).

Investigators:  Dr. Y.Yeboah, Dr. A.G. Maadhah, Dr. M. Al-Saleh, and Dr. M. Shalabi.


4.                  “Weather-Induced Degradation of Plastic Products,” (AR-10-052) (1989-1993)

(Duration 4 years)

Investigators:  Dr. M.B. Amin, Dr. S.H. Hamid, Dr. A.G. Maadhah, A.M. Al-Jarallah, and I.I. Abu-Abdoun.



Research Institute (KFUPM) Projects:



  1. Obtained, executed and supervised more than 40 Client funded research Projects in the Petroleum and Gas Technology Division, R.I.  These Projects involved the Production, Transportation, Processing and Utilization of gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons and their Petrochemical Products.  They also involved Polymers and Plastics and Water Desalination.


  1. I am presently Project Manager of the “High-Severity Fluid Catalytic Cracking Project”, which is jointly sponsored by KFUPM, R.I, the Petroleum Energy Center of Japan, and Saudi Aramco (1996-2005).