Courses Taught:


        Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics                                                 ChE 303

        Transport Phenomena I                                                                         ChE 204

        Transport Phenomena II                                                                       ChE 300

        Petroleum Refining                                                                                ChE  461

        Surface Petroleum Operations                                                               ChE 312

        Natural Gas Processing and Sweetening (Offered for first time

And was geared toward Saudi Arabian Natural Gas Industry),

This course was later modified to Petrochemical Industries                     ChE 462

        Desalination (Course contents were expanded and the idea of

A term project, mainly a desalination plant design, was included).           ChE 473

        Several Orientation Year Engineering Computation Courses

        Chemical Process Industries                                                                  ChE 311

        Separation Processes                                                                            ChE 430

        Petrochemical Industries                                                                        ChE 462  

         Heat Exchangers Design                                                                       ChE 432