CHE 203 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I

Second Semester (012)

Office Hours: 10am - Noon (Sundays and Tuesdays)

Course Outline

Course Description

The First Law of Thermodynamics is studied in detail. Material covered includes concepts of energy, enthalpy, heat effect, conservation of energy, mechanical work, chemical energy liberation, evaluations of state and behavior of gases and liquids, and standard heats of reaction, formation and combustion. Thermodynamic properties materials are also studied extensively and methods of their estimation are presented. Introduction to second law of thermodynamics. Study of combined mass and energy balances.


1.Introduction of Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, J.M. Smith and H.C. Van Ness. (Chapters 1 to 5)

2. Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemicals Engineering, David M. Himmelblau(Chapter 5)


1. Introduction, fundamental and secondary thermodynamic quantities

2. The first law of thermodynamics

3. State functions and enthalpy

4. Steady state flow process

5. Phase rule and the reversible process

6. heat capacity and specific heat

7.The PVT behavior of pure substances

8.The ideal gas

9. The virial equation

10. Application of virial equation and cubic equations of state

11. Generalized correlations and the acentric factor and the behavior of liquids

12. Heat capacities of gases, liquids and solids

13. Heat effects accompanying phase changes and the standard heat of reaction

14. The standard heat of formation and combustion

15.Effect of temperature on standard heat of reaction

16.Heat effects of industrial reactions

17. Simultaneous material and energy balance

18. Enthalpy concentration charts

19. Humidity charts and their use

20. Second law of thermodynamics

21. Thermodynamic and ideal gas temperature scales

22. Entropy change and irreversibility

Note: Lectures include reviewing homework assignments

Grading Policy

Major Exams                                         50%

Homework                                             10%

Class Participation & Attendance       5%

Final Exam                                             35%

Major Exam # 1                       March 6, 2002    8:00pm  Bldg. 15

Major Exam # 2                       April 8, 2002       8:30pm  Bldg. 15


M.Sc Thesis Supervision and Co-Op Report Advising

M.Sc Thesis

1. Chairman, "Corrosion performance of UPM campus water distribution system" (August 1985)

Student name: Nizar R. Jarrah

2. Committe Member, "Adsorption of Xylenes on BA-x Zeolite Pellets" (January 1984)

Student name: Mohamed Khaleeq

3. Committe Member, "A study of corrosion control of  mild steel using inhibitors under atmospheric conditions" (January 2001).

Student name: Abdul Aziz  A. Al-Mathami


Co-Op Reports

1. "Catalytic reforming and its catalyst regeneration" (May 1984)

Student name: Saleh Al-Dryais

2. "Efficiency study on the stripper and absorber section in gas conentration unit" (June 1982)

Student name: Mohamed A. Al-Abudib