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Thank you for visiting my website. In this page you find brief information about my educational background and research interests. The other pages provide more details about  research projects. My teaching interests are described in more detail in the following pages. My undergraduate advisees can also find some useful information in that part.


Ph.D., 1984, University of Notre Dame, USA.

Research Interests

Chemical and Catalytic Reaction Engineering;

Fluidization Reaction Engineering; Applied and Computational Mathematics.

Representative Publications*

A.A. Shaikh and H. Binous, "Steady-State Multiplicity in High-Pressure Bubble Column Reactors",

Chem. Eng. Technol., 36, 863 (2013).


A. A. Shaikh and M. Bello, "Explicit Formula for Estimation of the Enhancement Factor for Absorption

 with (m,n)th-Order Reaction', J. Chem. Eng. Japan., 46(2), 1 (2013).


Z.M. Shareefdeen, A.A. Shaikh, and S.M. Azam, "Analysis of Oxygen Interation Kinetics on Toluene Biofiltration", Int. J.

Environ. Protec., 3, 569 (2013).


A.A. Shaikh, E.M. Al-Muatairi, and T. Ino, "Modeling and Simulation of a Downer-Type HS-FCC Unit",

Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 47, 9018 (2008). Abstract


A. A. Shaikh and S.H. Batran,"On Bubble-Side Transport Limitations in Catalytic Fluid-Bed Reactors",

Trans. Inst. Chem. Engrs.-Part A, 85, 1215 (2007). Abstract


A.A. Shaikh and A. Jamal, "Hydrodynamic- and Transport-Parameter Sensitivity in the Simulation of

Non-Isothermal Agitated Gas-Liquid Reactors", Chem. Engg. J., 119, 27 (2006). Abstract


R.N. Sharma and A.A. Shaikh, "Solid Suspensions in Stirred Tanks with Pitched-Blade Turbines",

Chem. Engg. Sci., 58, 2123 (2003). Abstract


A.A. Shaikh and S.M.J. Zaidi, "Kinetics of Catalytic Oxidation of Sodium Sulfite",

Reaction Kinetics & Catalysis Letters, 64, 343 (1998). Abstract


 A. A. Shaikh and S. M. Zarook, "A Modeling Analysis of Non-isothermal Bubble Column Reactors",

Chem. Engg. Sci., 51, 3065 (1996). Abstract

*see also education-related publications elsewhere in my website


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