Computerized Cost Estimating Using Timberline





This course provides review of fundamentals in cost aspects of construction, review of types of estimates, quantity take-off methods, estimating references, review of labor and equipment production rates, overhead and profits. TIMBERLINE IS A COMPUTERIZED COST ESTIMATING SOFTWARE PACKAGE for building estimates for construction projects.  It has comprehensive package of cutting-edge estimating tools. Timberline Estimating Standard makes it easy to create, analyze and fine-tune your estimates. This course focuses on creating new estimates using Timberline software, takeoff methods (quick, item and assembly), modifying estimates, graphical reporting and database development. This course teaches you how to set up resources, crews, labor and equipment rate tables. WBS codes, WBS libraries and estimate adjustments A comprehensive workbook and duplicate files of course work are provided for future reference. Hands-on computer lab time combined with lecture will ensure a good foundation for the software. ( Download


*       Course Duration  :  5 Days


*       Language : English


*       Date & Time : March 11 -15, 2006  , 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


*       Location: KFUPM Campus, Dhahran , KSA.


*       Course Fee: SR 3500


*       Course Coordinator : Mr. Mohammed Jalaluddin, Lecturer


*       Contact Information:


o         Ph. 966-3-860-3590/  966-3-860-1623

o        Mobile: +966 501828685

Fax 966-3-860-4453






The following topics are thoroughly covered in this course: 

         Review of fundamentals in cost aspects of construction,

         Review of Types of Estimates, Quantity take-off methods, Estimating References

         Review of Labor and equipment production rates, Unit Costs, Overhead, and Profits

         Creation and coordination of cost control systems

         Introduction to TIMBERLINE 7.1 2004 and basic fundamentals of computerized estimating

         Setting Up an Estimate & Performing Quick Takeoff (Setting Up a New Estimate, Building Your Estimate, Working with the Spreadsheet)

         Performing Item Takeoff & Working with Estimate Tools ( Assembly Takeoff,  Using Assembly Takeoff Building More Assemblies)

         Manipulating Estimates and Creating Reports (Revising Your Estimate, Working with Your Estimate, Printing Reports, Experimenting with Report Options)

         Database structure and customization (Setting Up the Database, Creating Phases and Addons)






1.Dr. Sadi Assaf,  Professor  2. Dr. Soliman Almohawis,Associate Professor  3. Dr. Abdulaziz Bubshait ,Professor  4. Dr. Ashraf Elazouni, Assitant Professor  5. Dr. Osama Jannadi, Professor  6. Dr. Mohammed Al-khalil, Associate Professor  7. Dr. Ali Shash, Professor  8. Mr. Mohammed Jalaluddin ,Lecturer