Dr. Abdulaziz Bubshait
Professor  | Construction Engineering and Management |

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, 31261, Saudi Arabia

CEM 599  Research Seminar

Introduction to the principles of scientific research; the research question, hypotheses, constructs and their operation, research design, internal and external validities of research findings, measurements and their reliability, data collection techniques, basic  elements of research proposal, Grades are pass or fail.


1. Thesis proposal "Efficiency of contractor prequalification models, submitted by Mir Farooq Ali  PDF    PPT

2.   Choosing-a-survey-method-Walid Al-Subbali

3.  From-questionnaire-to-survey-results

4. Questionnaire-design

5. Research-At-What- Price


7.  Setting-Your-Survey-in-Motion-and-Getting-It-Done

8.  What- is-Good-Research

9. Writing-Good-Questions

10. Research-Semina-Assignment-1

11. UMI-Guideline-thesis