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List of Journal Publications

1.      Thomas S. Ahlbrandt, Donald L. Gautier, Talat A. Bader. "Low-Angle Eolian Deposits in Coastal Settings: Significant Rocky Mountain Exploration Targets". The Mountain  Geologist, Vol. 31, No. 4 (October, 1994) p. 95-114.


2.      Talat Bader “ Sand Control Research Program at KFUPM Research Institute”Green  Age†, Vol. 1 (1993)


3.      Andy Yaw Kwarting , and Talat Bader “ Using Satellite Data to Monitor the 1991 Kuwait Oil Fires” The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering V 18 # 2 pp.: 95-115 (1993)


4.      Khattab G Al Hinai, M. Asif Khan, Abdallah E Dabagh, and Talat Bader “Analysis of  LandSat  Thematic Mapper Data for Mapping Oil Slick Concentration - Arabian Gulf Oil Spill 1991” , The Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering V 18 # 2 pp.: 85-93 (1993)


5.      Shehata, T. Bader, O. Irtem, A. Ali, M. Abdallah & S. Aftab, "Rate and mode of Barchan Dunes advance in the central part of the Jafurah sand sea.", Journal of Arid Environment  23: pp.1-17(1992).


6.      Abderrahman, W.A. and Talat Bader " Remote Sensing application to the management of agricultural drainage water in he severely arid region: A case study” Journal Remote Sensing of Environment, N.Y., USA, 4: pp 44-71(1992).


7.      Shehata, Talat Bader, ZY Harari ‘ Principal Geological hazards along the Arabian Gulf coast “ Journal of King Abdul aziz University 3:  pp 289-302 (1991).


8.      Abderrahman W.A.,Talat Bader , A. Khan and M.H.Ajward " Weather Modification Impact on Reference Evapotranspiration , Soil Salinity and Desertification in Arid Regions. Journal of Arid Environments, London, U.K, (1990).


9.      Abderrahman, W.A. and Talat Bader " Remote Sensing Use in the  Management of Agricultural Drainage   Water in Al-Hassa Oasis of Saudi Arabia ". Remote Sensing of Environment Journal, N.Y., USA, (1990).


10.  Ahmed Munir ; Talat Bader  ; Khararjian , H. : "On a    Multi-stage 2nd Factorial ­S  Survey Design : A Useful    Survey Design for Developing Areas"  Pakistani Journal    in Statistics , Vol. . 2, Number 1, (1986).


11.  Munir Ahmad , Talat Bader , Khararjian , H. " On An Optimal Sample Survey Design for Estimation of Solid Waste in Saudi Arabia " Survey Research Methods Proceedings of  The American Statistical   Association ,    (1983).


12.  Talat Bader , Krizek R. : " Injection & Distribution    of Silica Grout in Sand ", ASCE Specialty Conference on Grouting in Geotechnical Engineering, (1981) New    Orleans , U.S.A.


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List of Conference Presentations & Publications


1.      Talat A. Bader, "Hazards of Sand Drifting in Saudi Arabia", Symposium on Desert Studies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2-4 October, 1994, KSU, Riyadh.

2.      Talat A. Bader, "Stategies to Use Waste Water for Sand Stabilization" at  the Joint Saudi-Japanese Workshop on "The Use of Recycled Water in Desert Greening", February 6-7, 1994 held at Research Institute, KFUPM, Dhahran.

3.      Talat A. Bader, Adly Saafin, A.W. Zaki, "General Review of Sand Hazard sand Evaluation of Recommended Solutions on the new Dammam-Riyadh Railroad". Symposium on the phenomenon of Sand Drift Control on the Rail Roads, Arab Union for Railroads Halab, Syria, 2-5 October, 1994.


4.      Talat Bader, Shehata W, Lotfi H, Ali A, Abdallah M“ Engineering and Mineraslogical Propertties of Dune Sand " Second Geotechnical Engineering Conference , Cairo University ,Jan. 10-13 (1994)


5.      Talat Bader “ Sand Control Research Program at KFUPM Research Institute” Green Age , Vol. 1 (1993)

6.      Talat A. Bader and M. Mounir “ Greenification of Hyper- Arid Area “ Symposium on the Greening of the GCC Countries Vol. III page 1-44 Tokyo, Japan 1992

7.      Talat Bader and Kwarteng, A.Y. " Application of Remote Sensing Techniques to the 1991 Gulf Oil Spill" First Bahrain International Conference On Environment, Bahrain (1992).

8.      Kwarteng, A.Y. and Talat Bader " Monitoring The Kuwait Oil Fires Using Satellite Data" First Bahrain International Conference On Environment, Bahrain (1992).

9.      Shehata , A.K Al Saafin , Z.Y. Harari & Talat Bader " Potential Sabkha Hazards in Saudi Arabia "6 The International IAEG Congress , Balkema , Rotterdam , Holland, (1990).


10.  Abderrahman W.A., and Talat Bader "Remote Sensing use in the management of agricultural drainage water in Al-Hassa Oasis of Saudi Arabia". Presented in the  International symposium on Remote Sensing, Engineering,    Evaluation and Management of Irrigation at Netherlands, October, (1989).


11.  Talat Bader “ Scientific Means and Studies Used to Stabilize Dune in the Eastern Region” Proceeding Work Shop on Desert Studies, Riyadh (1989) 1: pp. 45-66.


12.  Shehata, Talat Bader , Z.Y. Harari " Potential Geological Hazards Along The Arabian Gulf Coast", Proceedings of the First Saudi Symposium of Earth    Sciences, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, 28-30  , (1989).


13.  Abderrahman, W.A., and Talat Bader: "Remote Sensing use in the management of agricultural drainage water in Al-Hassa Oasis of Saudi Arabia". Presented in the     International symposium on Remote Sensing, Engineering,  Evaluation and Management of Irrigation at Netherlands,    October, (1989).


14.  Talat Bader, Y.A. Owusu, Z. Umer, M.H. Khan and W.M. Shehata "Laboratory Evaluation of some chemicals as sand stabilizers" Presented at the    Second Symposium on Geotechnical Problems in    Saudi Arabia, King Saud University, Riyadh, May, (1989).


15.  Oguz Irtem, Talat A. Bader and Mehmood Abdellah, "Eolian Sand Drift Studies at Madinat Al-Jubail     Al-Sinaiyah". Presented at the Second Symposium on    Geotechnical Problems in Saudi Arabia, King Saud    University, Riyadh, 19 May, (1989).


16.  Zahid Umer, Maqbol Khan,Talat Bader “ Investtigattion on the effect of Chemical Stabilizers on certain plant species” Proceeding of the Third National Meeting of Chemist, (1989)


17.  Al Saafin ,Talat Bader , H. Hoettzl,W.M. Shehata,S. Wohnlic, and J. Zottel “Ground water recharge in an arid Karst area in Saudi Arabia” 28 International Geological Congress, Washinton  (1989).


18.  Talat A Bader “ Detailed Study for Solid Waste Disposal for Some Cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” Workshop for Application for Organic Energy Resources, Riyadh (1987)


19.  Talat Bader , Husain T. , Khararjian , H. and Munir , A   " Municipal Solid Waste Management for Dammam Metropolitan Area " Second symposium - City Planning ,   Cairo (1986).


20.  Owusu,Y.A.,Talat Bader , AL-Sari A.M. & Umar Z. “Laboratory Simulation of Field Tests On Chemical Stabilization Of Eolian Sand” International  Workshop on Sand Transport And Desertification In Arid Lands, Khartum Sudan, November (1985).


21.  Ahmed , Munir ; Khararjian , H.; Talat Bader  " Socio-   Demographic Impact on Solid Waste Generation Rate in Al-    Khobar , Saudi Arabia , American Statistical Association   (1985).


22.  Ahmed , Munir ; Talat Bader ; Khararjian , H. : " Solid   Waste Estimation in Dhahran , Saudi Arabia "  Proceedings of Under-Developed Areas , Pakistan Statistical   Association  Vol. 22, 71-79 (1984).  


23.  Khararjian , H., Talat Bader ; Ahmed , Munir  " Analysis of Litter in Khobar and Dammam "  First Saudi Engineering  Conference , Jeddah  600-619 (1984).


24.  Khararjian , H. , Talat Bader , Ahmed , Munir "   Qualitative and SOCIOECONOMIC Aspect of Litter in Tri- City of Khobar  , Dammam and Dhahran , First Saudi   Engineering Conference Jeddah , Saudi Arabia (1983).



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Invited papers

1.      Talat Bader " Sand Research Program at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals " presented during NATO Advances Research Workshop On Sand , Dust and Soil in Their Relation to Eolian and Littoral Processes , Sandbjerg , Denmark , 14-18 May (1990 ).


2.      Talat Bader " Eolian Sand Control in the Eastern Province "presented at the Conference of Desert Research Institute, King Saud University , Riyadh, November 21-23 , (1989).


3.      Talat Bader, " Studies on Solid Waste in the Eastern Province ",  KACST Conference on the importance    of the use of Waste in the Arabian countries, 20-22 April, (1987)


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