Coop Field Work

CE 351(0-0-9)

A continuous period of 28 weeks is spent in the industry to acquire practical experience in Civil Engineering under the supervision and guidance of the employer and the academic advisor.  During this period the student gains an in-depth exposure and appreciation of the Civil Engineering profession.  The student is required to write a detailed report about his training period under the regulation of the CE department.

Prerequisite:  ENGL 214, Junior standing and the approval of the Department

Fall Semester (021), Year 2002

Lectures Time

Every Tuesday @ Appointment

Building  3 Room xxx
Office Phone 2557 Building 16 Room 273
Office Hours Every SMW,08:00 -09:00 & 11:00- 11:20 am; & S 13:00 - 14:00 pm 

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