Course:            CE 100

Assignment:    03

Subject:          Introduction & Personal Ideas

Date Due 01:        02/11/2008, Sunday- Subject e-mailed

Date Due 02:        09/11/2008, Saturday-


Istruction:   “Please send your answers by e-mail as an attachment with a cover page”

Note on the Subject: your ID_CE100_HW#



  1. Group yourselves into 3 persons in a group (teamwork)

  2. On any subjects that we discussed in class so far (History of science, you can check the class note History of Civil Engineering, or Subject of interest on Civil Engineering), write one page with at least 3 resources from the web, write the references used for example

    The choice of the subject is sent by e-mail on 08/11/2008

  3. Prepare to make 2-3 minutes presentation in class on Sunday xxxxx   2008 using PowerPoint.