Course:            CE 100

Assignment:    2

Subject:          Introduction & Personal Ideas

Date Due:        26/10/2008, Saturday

Instruction:   Please send your answers by e-mail Use an Word attachment and cover Page with your name and ID #, Do Not forget to write on the subject your ID_CE100_HW#"


Write the question and then the answer for each on word File and send as an attachment


1.       Introduce yourself to us.  Tell us who you are, where you are from, and some of your interests, hobby?


2.     If at the end of a school day, and after you finished your homework you still have 3 hours, how would you spend them?


3.     Why did you come to KFUPM?


4.     What is the name of your high school, which town. Is life in the university different which aspect?


5.     Why do you want to become a Civil Engineer? Explain why.


6.     What in your opinion does a civil engineer do?


7.     In a dictionary, look up the word “engineer” and provide this definition. Write the source.


8.     Describe the fundamental differences between an engineer and a scientist.


9.     List the primary engineering functions and tell me which one or two of these functions most appeals to you and why? 


1.       Are there engineering majors other than Civil Engineering that are interesting to you?  If so, please explain/describe.


2.     List the engineering majors and in a few sentences, give a brief overview of each.  When you discuss Civil Engineering, describe which of the specific areas of a CE most appeals to you.