Professional Services:




I refereed the following:




1.         “Prediction of the Safe Utilization of Timber in Mines”.  Refereed for the Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (AJSE), December 1984.


2.         “Comparison Between Linear and Nonlinear Structural Analysis”.  Refereed for AJSE, March 1987.


3.         “A Comparative Study on Nonlinear Behavior of Steel Frames”.  Refereed for AJSE, February 1988.


4.         “Finite Element Modelling of Thick Isotropic Beams”.  Refereed for AJSE, November 1990.


5.         “A National Design Code for Reinforced Concrete Building: Framework and Basic Information”.  Refereed for the Journal of King Saud University, May 1996.


6.         Several papers for national conferences. (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Saudi Engineering Conferences)





1.         “Strength of Materials”.  A three-volume book in Arabic.  Refereed for King Abdulaziz University (January 1987).


2.         “Dictionary of Management Terms”.  A book refereed for King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (June 1991).



Research Projects


  1.       “Computerized Stress and Stability Analysis of Engineering Structures”.  Proposal, 6 progress reports, and the final report of a KACST research project (ended January 1987).


  2.       “Fatigue of Steel Connections Due to Climate Temperature in the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia”.  A proposal refereed for KACST (November 1989).


  3.       “Polyethylene Based Concrete for Radiation Shielding”.  A proposal refereed for KACST (November 1990).


  4.       “Torsion in High Strength Plain and Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams With and Without Transverse Openings”.  A proposal refereed for KACST (November 1990).


  5.       “Flexural and Shear Behavior of High-strength Concrete Beams With or Without Steel Fibers”.  A proposal refereed for KACST (November 1991).


  6.       “Polyethylene Based Concrete for Radiation Shielding”.  A modified proposal refereed (for the second time) for KACST (November 1991).


  7.       “Characteristics and Applications of White Sand in the Riyadh Region”.  A proposal refereed for KACST (November 1991).


  8.       “Shear Behavior of High Strength Concrete Beams With/Without Steel Fibers” (Modified Proposal).  Refereed, for the second time, for KACST (November 1992).


  9.       “Characteristics and Applications of White Sand in Riyadh Region”.  6 progress reports and the final report.  Refereed for KACST, 1992-1996.


10.       “Towards a Simplified and Reliable Design of Steel Angle Members in Transmission Tower Structures”.  A proposal refereed for KACST (April 1997).



Master’s Thesis Supervision:


Main advisor and committee chairman of Mr. Naseer A. Mohiuddin’s Thesis entitled: “Use of Small Diameter Cores in Evaluating the In-Situ Concrete Strength in Eastern Saudi Arabia”, June 1995.



Ph.D. Exams:


I have tested the following graduate students during their PhD entrance and/or comprehensive exams:


  (1)      Muhammad Golam Ali


  (2)      Ehtisham S. Husain


  (3)      Ammar Khalil Mohamad


  (4)      Yasin N. Ziraba


  (5)      Hmoud F. Dehwah


  (6)      Habib A. Alwi


  (7)      Hamoud A. Beshir


  (8)      Wael Elleithy


  (9)      Kalemur Rahman


(10)      Asad-Ur-Rehman Khan


(11)      Mohammad Balah


(12)      Aliyu Shazali