Administrative Experience:


Sep. 1971 - Sep. 1972                :       Presiding the Arab Students’ Club at the University of

                                                Miami,   Florida.


Oct. 1978 - Oct. 1979                :       Chairing the Civil Engineering Library Committee.


Oct. 1980 - Sep. 1983                :       Administering the Civil Engineering Coop Program

                                                (Training Program for Civil Engineering junior students).


                                                Chairing the Coop Advising Committee.


Feb. 1981 - Feb. 1983    :        Member of the University Council (Council of Deans). I was elected by the Faculty of Engineering as their representative.


Aug. 1981 - Aug. 1983   :        Coordinator between KFUPM and the Consortium Team of American Universities.


Sep. 1984 - Sep. 1986    :       In charge of all undergraduate advising and registration in the Civil Engineering Department.


Jan. 1985 - June 1987    :        Principal Investigator in a KACST funded research project entitled “Development of New Building Materials Using Date Palm Fronds”.


Feb. 1987 - Feb. 1989    :        Member of the University Council (Council of Deans).    I was  elected by the Faculty of Engineering as their representative for a second term.


Oct. 1978 - Now          :          I served in the following committees:                 


            University Committees


                        The Library

                        The Student Affairs

                        The Saudi Faculty and Research

                        The Architecture Program

                        The Book Evaluation

                        The Housing Subcommittee

                        The Academic Discipline Subcommittee

                        The Housing Policy Ad Hoc Committee

                        Several Ad Hoc Faculty Promotion Committees


            Departmental Committees


                        The Library - Chairman

                        The Coop Advising - Chairman

                        The Student Evaluation

                        The Text Books

                        The Departmental Activities

                        The Laboratories

                        The Curriculum and Syllabus

                        The Ad Hoc Ph.D. Committee

                        The Seminars & Short Courses

                        The Research

                        The Computer Utilization

                        The Undergraduate

                        The Graduate

                        Several Ph.D. Entrance Exam Committees

                        Several Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam Committees


Sep. 1988 - Sep. 1991               :        Advisor of all graduate students majoring in structural
                                                engineering (MS and Ph.D.).


Fall 1990                         :        Coordinator, Structural Mechanics Lab (CE 204)


Sep. 1991 - Sep. 1993  :         Convenor of the Structural Engineering Group in the
Sep. 1999 – Sep. 2003              :          department.


Sep. 1991 - Sep. 2002              :         Advisor of 35 undergraduate students in the College of
                                                 Engineering every semester.


Sep. 1996 - Sep. 2000              :         Coordinator, Statics Group.


1994 – 1995                  :         Chairman, Master’s Thesis Committee of Mr. Nasseer              Mohiuddin