King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals



CE 651

Dynamics of Soils and Foundations


First Semester (101)




Course Description (Grad. Bulletin)


CE 651   Dynamics of Soils and foundations                                              (3-0-3)


Theory of vibration; wave propagation in elastic media; dynamic properties of soils and their measurement; vibration transmission and attenuation through soils; foundation vibration theories; dynamic earth pressure; dynamic bearing capacity of shallow foundations; dynamic analysis of foundations; design of machine foundations; vibration isolation; soil liquefaction; introduction to geotechnical earthquake engineering.


Prerequisite:  CE 555



Textbook:       Das, B.M., and Bamana, G.V.

                        “Principles of Soil Dynamics”, 2nd Ed., 2011.



Instructor:      Dr. Naser A. Al-Shayea

Office:                        16-134

Contact:         Phone: 2480


                        Web Site:



Grade Distribution:


            Homework, Class Participation          =   15%

            Major Exam                                        =   30%

            Term Project                                        =   15%

            Final Exam                                          =   40%

                        Total                                          100%          




1.         Introduction – Dynamics


2.         Review – Fundamentals of vibrations

            (Free vibration & Forced vibration)


3.         Damping


4.         Degrees of Freedom


5.         Waves in an infinite elastic medium


6.         Waves in an elastic half-space


7.         Dynamic soil properties and their determination


8.         Shallow seismic exploration


9.         Foundation vibration


10.       Coupled-mode motion


11.       Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering


12.       Foundation design for dynamic loads


13.       Isolation of vibrations


14.       Liquefaction of soil


15.       Machine foundations