Research Interests

In traffic operation, the main research is focused on traffic simulation and optimization. Selected computer sofwares were evaluated, calibrated and validated in Saudi Arabia such as TRANSYT-7F and Synchro/SimTraffic. Currently conducting research focusing on traffic operation and analysis using advanced artificial intelligence based models such as Neuro-Fuzzy Model, Group Method of Data Handling based Abductive Model, Time-delay Neural Network Model, Fuzzy Logic Model, and Data Mining Techniques such as Hierarchical and Non-Hierarchical clustering techniques. The research aims to benefit the traffic operation in Saudi Arabia in areas such as determination of Time-of-Day breakpoints in signal timing and traffic volume prediction at signalized intersections. Currently working also on the feasibility of estimating traffic parameters through collecting cellphone signal data (Handoff in GSM system).

In traffic safety, the research is focused on the human factor in traffic safety at the National level. Participated in enhancing the traffic safety in Saudi Arabia through several national research projects. Currently serving as a principal investigator in two National projects, namely “Characteristics of Expatriate Chauffeur and Its Relation to Traffic Safety in Saudi Arabia” and “Safety Manual for Land Transportation in Saudi Arabia”. Served as the principal investigator in another two National Traffic Safety projects, namely “Tire Failure – Reason and Consequence” and “Road and Current Technology: Study of Existing Traffic Status”. Participated as co-investigator in two National Traffic Safety projects, namely “Traffic Violation – Causes and Prevention” and “Traffic Accidents Resulting from Transporting Female Students and Teachers in Rural Areas”. As a committee member in the National Traffic Safety Committee, supervises National Traffic Safety Grants and research projects aimed at solving traffic safety problems on the national scale (1992-present). Member of the Executive Committee of the National Strategy for Traffic Safety (2009-present). The committee is charged of developing the National Strategy for Traffic Safety. Currently conducting research on driver behavior and driving schools.


  • Traffic engineer
  • Optimization of urban traffic flow
  • Traffic impact studies, traffic safety