Executive Leader in Academia.

"Sometimes, your only available transportation is a leap of faith"

Prof. Nedal T. Al-Ratrout

Driven, highly accomplished Executive Leader in Academia respected for +13 years of C-level and executive management achievements in academia, overseeing and inspiring educational institutions. Sought for success in guiding mega research and educational projects, as well as private-sector engineering projects. Proven track record of creating and sustaining a performance-driven culture and teams while managing strategic planning, visioning, programs, and systems. Exemplary educational qualifications include a Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering (Transportation Option) from Michigan State University and the designation of Certified Consultant Engineer. Out-of-the-box, analytical thinker with the strategic, academic, business, and leadership acumen to continuously improve all university activities, programs, and operations. Trusted thought leader and Board vice chairperson in three companies.

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Prof. Nedal Al-Ratrout

Vice President, Administration & Finance
Professor, Civil Engineering

"The form a city assumes as it evolves over time owes more to large-scale works of civil engineering - what we now call infrastructure - than almost any other factor save topography." Martin Filler