1)      Principal-Investigator: NSTP Project (ongoing): Remediation of oil contaminated soils using hybrid electrokinetic/adsorption technique with locally-produced activated carbon.

2)      Principal-Investigator: DSR Project (ongoing): Effect of electrode materials on electrokinetic remediation of mixed-Heavy Metals Contaminated Soil

3)      CO-Investigator: DSR Project: Design and Developing an Electro-Membrane for the Application of Explosive Chemical Marker Detection.

4)      CO-Investigator: NSTIP Project: Project (ongoing): From Waste to Wealth: Production of Activated Carbon from Heavy Oil Fly Ash Waste Byproducts from Saudi Electric Power Plant.

4) CO-Investigator: DSR Funded Project (ongoing): Multi-Criteria decision making for the selection of drinking water treatment technology.

5) CO-Investigator: DSR Funded Project (ongoing): Use of solar radiation energy/TiO2 for the removal of some critical industrial pollutants.

6) CO-Investigator: DSR Funded Project (ongoing): Removal of hazardous air pollutants using granular activated carbon from local date fruit pits.

7) CO-Investigator: DSR Funded Project (ongoing): Effect of climate change on water resources in Saudi Arabia

8) CO-Investigator; DSR Funded Project (ongoing): Risk-Based prioritization of water mains in a distributed network: A Soft-Computing Approach.

9) Co-Investigator; DSR Funded Project (ongoing): Artificial recharge of groundwater using tertiary effluent

10) CO-Investigator; KACST Funded Project (completed on 2010): Production of granular activated carbon from date palm tree branches.

11) CO-Investigator: KACST Funded Project (completed on 2010): Environmental effects of wastewater treatment plants: evaluation & guidelines

12) CO-Investigator; SABIC Funded Project (completed): Industrial pollutant removal using locally produced activated carbon amended sand.

13) CO-Investigator: KACST Funded Project (completed): Environmental pollution due to underground fuel storage tanks: assessment & guidelines for prevention.

14) Member. KACST Funded Project (completed): Characterization, utilization and disposal of municipal sludge

15) Research Team Member, Funded by the pharmaceutical company SPIMACO (completed): Study of spimaco wastewater and air emissions, Buraida,Al-Qassim

16) Research Team Member, KACST Funded Project (completed): Artificial recharge of Saudi Arabian aquifers using secondary effluent.

17) Research Team Member, KACST Funded Project (completed): Slow sand filtration of secondary wastewater effluent.

18) Research Team Member, Funded Project (completed): Stormwater drainage system study for Dammam 1st industrial city.