Short Courses Attended

Five day training seminar on "Top Management:, Dhahran, 2002.

Five-day training seminar on "Concrete Technology" at Elkem Materials Headquarters, Kristiansand, Norway, March 26-31, 1990.

Short Course "Effective Management and Organization Skills", Arab Center for Management Development, Athens, Greece, August 7-19, 1982.

Short Course "Corrosion: The Environmental Degradation of Materials", Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A., July 16-20, 1984.

Conferences and Symposiums



8th International Concrete Conference, Nov. 2006 Bahrain.


Third Saudi Civil Engineering Society Assembly, 2005, Jeddah.


Thermal Insulation and Its Application in the Arabian Gulf States, Apr. 2004, Riyadh.


Certification of Practicing Engineers in Saudi Arabia, May 2003, Dhahran.


Civil Engineering and Its Role in Protecting the Environment, May 2003, Jeddah.


The 6th Saudi Engineering Conference, Dec. 2002.


How to Conduct Business Consulting, Oct. 2002.


Short Course, ďAnalysis & Design of Structures Using STAAD-III, May 2001.


Symposium on: Evolutionary Trends In Concrete, KFUPM/ACI/ASCE, KFUPM, March 2001.


 Symposium on: Assessment of Engineering and Technical Education in Saudi Arabia, KFUPM, November 1999.


Symposium on Performance of Concrete Structures in the Arabian Gulf Environment, KFUPM, November 1998.


Symposium on "Causes of Concrete Deterioration, Cracks in Concrete Structures and Remedies", sponsored by the Engineering Committee Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Riyadh, 1989.


Second International Conference on "Deterioration and Repair of Reinforced Concrete in the Arabian Gulf", Bahrain, 11-13 October 1987.


Symposium on "Concrete and Concrete Structures in the Middle East", King Saud University, Riyadh, April 25-29, 1987.


Second Saudi Engineers Conference, Dhahran, November 16-19, 1985.


Annual Convention of American Concrete Institute at Chicago, U.S.A., 1985.


First International Conference on Deterioration and Repair of Reinforced Concrete in the Arabian Gulf, Bahrain, 26-29 October 1985.


First Saudi Engineering Conference, Jeddah, May 14-19, 1983.


Annual Convention of Prestressed Concrete Institute, San Francisco, California, U.S.A., 11-14 October 1981.


Sixth International Conference on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology, Paris, France, 17-21 August 1981.


Advanced Mechanics of Reinforced Concrete, IABSE Colloquium, Delft, The Netherlands, June 2-5, 1981.


Second U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Stanford University, U.S.A., August 22-24, 1979.


Annual Convention of American Concrete Institute at Las Vegas, U.S.A., 1978.


First Structural Analysis Program (SAP IV) Conference, Los Angeles, U.S.A., 1976.


Half day Seminar on "Advanced Concrete Technology", Dubai, 1996.


Half day Seminar on "High Strength Concrete", Dubai, 1996.


Half day Seminar on "Concrete Admixture", Al-Khobar, 1995.


Half day Seminar on "Facade for High Rise Concrete Buildings", Bahrain, 1995.


One day ACI-Saudi Chapter Seminar, Jubail, 1994.


Seminar on "New Development in High Concrete Performance", Dubai, 1994.


ACI-SAC Third Technical Program, Al-Jubail, 1993.


ASCE-SAS First Seminar on "Reinforced Concrete", 1992.