Administrative Position


In addition to my teaching assignment, I held the position as manager of Applied Research Marketing Unit at the Research Support & Innovation Office (RISO) for 2 years and the position Manager of the Engineering Analysis Section for three years at KFUPM Research Institute.   


Community Services


KFUPM Standing Committees



      In the Bids and Tenders Committee, I was actively involved in the Bidding of the Nakheel Housing Project on Campus and the Central Kitchen.  I was among a sub-committee, which toured the Kingdom to evaluate all projects performed by the contractors bidding for such projects.  We visited sites in Eastern Province, Central Province and Western Province for this evaluation.      In the Research Committee, I was elected as the Deputy Chairman.  However, I was responsible for all the work of this committee due to the absence of the Chairman at the time "Dean of Graduate Studies".  I was responsible for all the committee tasks including minutes, follow-up, etc.




Departmental Committees


  1. Comprehensive Exam Committee, 1997 (member)

  2.  Computer Utilization Committee (chairman, member)

  3.  Laboratory and Lab Coordination Committee (member)

  4. Public Affairs Committee (chairman, member)

  5.  Career's Day Activities Committee (member)

  6.  Short Courses Committee (chairman, member)

  7.  Building Research Station Committee (member)

  8.  Departmental Activities Committee (chairman, member)

  9.  Applied C.E. Committee (member)

  10. Undergraduate C.E. Committee (member)

  11.  C.E. Committee on Advising (chairman)

  12.  Revision of Undergraduate Courses (member, chairman)

  13.  Acted as Convener for Structures Group

  14.  Acted as Convener for Concrete Group

  15.  Advisor for Freshman Students

  16. Advisor for C.E. students