As a Member

Department Committees           :   Undergraduate Committee-1994-96
                                                        Promotion Committee-1995
                                                        Library Committee-1995-96

As a Member

University Committee             :   Subcommittee for Graduation Banquet
                                                        Health, Safety and Security Committee-1995-96                                                         Health, Safety and Security Committee-1996-97      
Bids and Tender Subcommittee-1996
                                                        RI Project Budget Committee-1998-99
                                                        RI Proposal Review Committee-1999-2000
                                                        Continuing Education Committee-2000-2001                                                         Traffic Committee-2000-2001

As a Chairman

-    Ad-hoc Committee of developing a course about Safety and Security for the Prep-Year-1996


-    Health, Safety and Security Exhibition, KFUPM-1996
Health, Safety and Security Exhibition, KFUPM-1997