Evaluation of Emulsified, Asphalt-Treated Sand for Low-Volume Roads and Road Bases





Transportation Research Record 1106



The objective of this study was to evaluate, in the laboratory, the feasibility of using blends of dune sand-crusher fines that were stabilized with CSS-1h emulsified asphalt in the construc­tion of low-volume roads in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Marshall stability, water sensitivity, split tensile strength, resilient modulus, fatigue life, and rutting tests were conducted on cured Marshall specimens. Factorial design was used in this study in which crusher fines percentages were varied between 0 percent and 50 percent of the total aggregate weight and the Portland cement content was varied between 0 percent and 3 percent of dry aggregate weight. Results indicated that dune sand mix properties were drastically changed by the inclusion of crusher fines in the mix. The stability, resilient modulus, fatigue, and rutting characteristics of such mixes were improved significantly. Thickness design charts were developed for the designed mixes, which proved to be suitable for use in hot, arid areas. Pavement thickness was significantly reduced when crusher fines, cement, and dune sand blends were treated with emulsified asphalt.