Development of Courses


            Developed the following courses:


                        CE 302      Materials Testing

                        CE 303      Structural Materials



            Modified the outlines of the following courses:


                        CE 401      Concrete Technology

                        CE 402      Durability, Evaluation & Repair of Concrete Structures

                        CE 454      Soil Stabilization and Site Improvement

                        CE 628      Advanced Concrete and Aggregate

                        CE 653      Soil & Site Improvement



            Developed the following New Graduate Courses:


                        CE 501      Concrete Materials

                        CE 504      Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete (with Dr. Mesfer Al-Zahrani)

                        CE 553      Soil and Site Improvement

                        CE 601      Advanced Concrete Materials

                        CE 602      Environmental Effects on Concrete (with Prof. A.K. Azad)

                        CE 603      Repair & Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures (with Prof. Mohammed Baluch)



            Developed several open and closed short courses and was solely responsible for development, organizing and publicizing these short courses. All the courses have been recognized for their technical quality and well attended by engineers from Saudi Arabia and the other Arabian Gulf Countries.