Public Service


            Serving the society is the primary role of an academician.  I have contributed significantly to many tasks and events related to education inside and outside KFUPM.  Some of these services are detailed below:


                      Organization of Short Courses:  I was in charge of more than 20 short courses (closed and open) as instructor, coordinator or marketing administrator.  These courses have been well attended and appreciated by the practicing engineers and KFUPM Administration (See the part on Short Courses for details).


                      Organization of Symposia, Technical Meetings and Workshops:  I have contributed significantly to the organization of technical meetings (at KFUPM or through ACI-SAC) and symposia at KFUPM (See the part on Conference Organization for details).


                      Public Seminars:  Several technical seminars were presented by me in many cities of Saudi Arabia and at KFUPM (See the part on Public and Invited Lectures for details).  Moreover, I presented technical papers in some local and international symposia and conferences (See the part on Conference Presentations for details).


                      Consultation:  I have been engaged with several organizations as a short-time consultant to resolve/clarify some existing problems in the field (See the part on Consultation for details).


                      Societies:  As a founding member and an active Board Member of the ACI-SAC and Saudi Society of Civil Engineering (SSCE), I have been actively engaged with these organizations to serve the society (See the part on Membership of Professional Societies for details).  Presently, I am campaigning to establish an eastern Saudi branch of SSCE in Dhahran.


                      Review of Papers:  I have been a reviewer to several journals (local and international) and symposia/conferences (See the part on Editorial Work for details).