4.1  Professional Activities


                        a. For SANCST/KACST


                            1.     Evaluated over 25 research proposals


                            2.     Evaluated over 50 progress and final reports



                        b. For AJSE


                            1.     Evaluated 12 articles


                            2.     Book Review



                        c. For Kuwait Research Foundation


                            1.     Evaluated 1 research proposal



                        d. For KAAU - Jeddah


                            1.     Evaluated 9 research proposals


                            2.     Evaluated 10 progress reports


                            3.     Evaluated 5 articles for the Journal of KAAUES

            4.2  University Committees


                            1.     College of Engineering Promotion Committee


                            2.     College of Sciences Promotion Committees      


                            3.     Research Institute Promotion Committees


                            4.     Campus Water Quality Committee


                            5.     Committee on Flooding in the Student Dorms


                            6.     College of Engineering Sports Committee


                            7.     College of Engineering Statistics Committee


                            8.     College of Engineering ABET Committee



            4.3  Departmental/College Committees


                            1.     Graduate Committee (Member)


                            2.     Graduate Admissions Committee (Member)


                            3.     Undergraduate Committee (Member and Chairman)


                            4.     Laboratory Committee (Member and Chairman)


                            5.     Textbook Committee (Member)


                            6.     Departmental Activities Committee (Member and Chairman)


                            7.     ABET Committee (Member)                                       


                            8.     Seminar Committees (Chairman)


                            9.     Brochure Committees (Editor)


                           10.    Fun Run Committees (Member)


                           11.    Committee on Guidelines of Senior Projects (Member)


                           12.    Planning Committee (Member)


                           13.    Student Affairs Committee (Member)


                           14.    Curriculum and Syllabus Committee (Chairman/Member)


                           15.    College of Engineering Editorial Committee (Chairman/Member)



            4.4  Outside Committees


                            1.     Teacher Selection Committee for Al-Manarat As-Sharkia Girls School


                            2.     Chairman, Al-Manarat As-Sharkia Parent Teachers Association



            4.5  Consultation


                            1-     Ford Foundation, Consultant on Water Resources Planning and Management (Pakistan, 1975).


                            2-     United Nations, Expert on Water Resources Planning and Management (in the Permanent Roster UN Experts).


                            3-     KFUPM  Research Institute, Consultant on Special Water Resources Project and Remote Sensing.


                            4-     Ar‑Riyadh Development Authority, Consultant on Dry Weather Flow Monitoring, Rise of Water Table Studies and Wadi Hannifa Flood Frequency Studies, advisor on water system monitoring.


                            5-     Municipalities of Dammam, Riyadh, Abha, Jeddah and Medina Al‑Munawwara, Consultant on Urban Drainage.


                            6-     Petrocon Arabia Limited, Consultant on Urban Drainage.


                            7-     SBTMC Ltd. Riyadh, Consultant on Water Table Rise.


                            8-     KFUPM-Recreation Dept., Consultant on the construction of jetty at KFUPM Beach.  Tennis Organizer.


                            9-     Government of Sri Lanka, Honorary Special Adviser, Ministry of Ports and Shipping.


                           10-    Honorary President, East Ceylon Arabic College, Addalaichanai, Sri Lanka.