Short Biography


Name:         Dr. Shukri H. al-Senan

          * 1960-1966 : Elementary School of Qatif

           *1966-1969 : Intermediate School of Qatif

           *1969-1971 : Secondary School of Qatif

           *1971-1976 :  University of Petroleum and Minerals - Dhahran

                                   Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

                                  Date: June 1976

           *1976-1979 : University of Petroleum and Minerals - Dhahran

                                   Degree Earned: Masters of Science in Structures - Civil Engineering

                                   Date: June 1979

            *1979-1985 : Georgia Institute of Technology - Atlanta, Georgia , United States of   America

                                  Degree Earned:   Ph.D.

                                  Date:  September 1985
Academic Experience

September 1976 - June 1979:  Worked as a graduate assistant with University of Petroleum and Minerals while studying for the Masters Degree.

 September 1985 - September 1994:  Worked as an Assistant Professor with King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.

   September 1994 - Until Now:  Have been working as an Associate Professor with King Fahd University  of Petroleum and     Minerals.

Area of Specialization:

            Broad:            Transportation Engineering and Planning Covering Areas of Highways Airports, Marine, and Railroads

                                    Structural Analysis and Design


            Specific:         Highway and Traffic Safety

                                   Highway Traffic Operations and Control

                                    Highway Geometric Design