Courses Taught


                          CE 201   Statics.

                          CE 203   Structural Mechanics I.

                          CE 204   Structural Mechanics Laboratory.

                         ACE 241   Strength of Materials.

                          CE 302   Civil Engg. Materials.

                          CE 305   Structural Analysis I.

                          CE 351   Coop Training (Coordinator).

                          CE 399   Summer Training (Coordinator).

                          CE 405   Structural Analysis II.

                          CE 408   Steel Design I.

                          CE 411   Civil Engg. Senior Projects.

                          CE 503   Evaluation & Testing of Concrete Structures

                                        (in collaboration with Dr. I. Basunbul).





            Coordinator for several multi‑section courses such as:


                         CE 201   (Statics)

                         CE 203   (Structural Mechanics I)

                         CE 305   (Structural Analysis I)

                         CE 408   (Steel Design I).


            Coordinator for CE 351 (Co‑op Training) since 1984.


            Coordinator for CE 399 (Summer Training) 1984‑1987.


            Developed a general policy for coordination and common grading of multi‑section courses within the CE Dept.  This policy was approved by the faculty of the Dept. in 1983, and was adopted for coordination of CE 201 and CE 203 ever since.





 Co‑op Reports/Senior Projects


            Supervised about 12 Co‑op reports during the academic years 1982 ® 1986.


            Developed a Co‑op training, supervision and grading policy for CE 351 in 1984.  This policy has been recently adopted by other departments at KFUPM.


            Participated in the Vice‑Rector’s Co‑op Coordinators Committee to evaluate the Applied Engineering versus Engineering Science Programs, also to improve the Co‑op training procedures at UPM (1985).


            Supervision of 4 senior projects as principal advisor.


            Participation as committee member for 6 senior projects.



 Academic Experience


            Lecturer :  July 1975-July 1976


                        Dept. of Civil Engg., University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.  Taught several courses for undergraduate students (CE 201, ACE 241).



            Research Assistant :  Sept. 1978-May 1980


                        Dept. of Civil Engg., Duke University, USA.  Worked with Professor R.J. Melosh for development of F.E. Program for Geometrically Non‑Linear Structures.



            Teaching Assistant :  Sept. 1980-May 1981


                        Dept. of Civil Engg., Duke University, USA.  Helped in teaching Structural Analysis I and grading two graduate courses.



            Assistant Professor :  July 1981-Oct. 1988


                        Dept. of Civil Engg., King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.



            Associate Professor :  Oct. 1988-Todate


                        Dept. of Civil Engg., King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.