1‑      Part‑time consultant to the Materials and Research Directorate ‑ Ministry of Communications (1982‑1983).  Provided some advice on MOC specifications for hot‑weather concreting and the use of superplasticizers in concrete mixes.  Compiled and summarized a state‑of‑the‑art reviews for these topics.


               2‑      Assessment of cracking damage to the air‑raids shelters in the Dammam Housing Project ‑ Assignment by the Dean of Engineering.

                        (Beneficiary: Ministry of Public Works and Housing) 1983.


               3‑      Member of a team to study, evaluate and recommend feasible solutions to durability related problems at the Dammam Stadium.

                        (Beneficiary: General Directorate for Youth Welfare) 1984.


               4‑      Member of a team to develop programs for the Summer Activities Centers at Saudi high schools.

                        (Beneficiary: Ministry of Education) 1984.


               5‑      Member of a team to assess the cracking in reinforced concrete floating foundation for a local hospital under construction.

                        (Beneficiary: Al‑Mowasat Hospital ‑ Dammam) 1985.


               6‑      Coordinator and member of a team to investigate the durability related cracking of concrete floors in the boilers and generators house building of King Faisal Speciality Hospital.

                        (Beneficiary: Saudi Consulting House ‑ Ministry of Industry & Electricity) 1986.


               7‑      Coordinator and member of a team to assess the structural reliability of the Machine Workshop Buildings for the Mechanical Engg. Dept. (Orientation Shop Program).

                        (Beneficiary: Dept. of Maintenance, KFUPM) 1987.


               8‑      Coordinator and member of a team to assess the cracking of concrete in foundation ring beams of several 250,000 gallon petrol tanks in Dhahran.

                        (Beneficiary: Petromin) 1987.


               9‑      Coordinator and member of a team to assess the structural and material damage to a bridge deck affected by extensive fire damage in the Al‑Medinah Road District.

                        (Beneficiary: Ministry of Communications) 1988.


              10‑     Coordinator and member of a team to assess damage, determine causal factors, ascertain liability and recommend feasible solutions to the leakage problems in the 5000 m3 concrete water tank at K.A.A. Airbase in Dhahran.

                        (Beneficiary: Ministry of Defence) 1988.


               11‑    Chairman of the KFUPM consulting team delegated to Ministry  of Communications for assessing the cracking and durability related damage to the seat‑beams and back‑walls of 29 bridges under re‑construction in the Eastern Province.

                        (Beneficiary: Ministry of Communications) 1988‑1989.


               12‑    Coordinator and member of a team to assess the cracking phenomena in concrete block walls in a major housing project in the Western Province.

                        (Beneficiary: Ministry of Housing and Public Works) 1989.


               13‑    Member of an international advisory group for assessment of damage and devising of repair schemes for bridges affected by unstable rock formations in Al‑Baha district.

                        (Beneficiary: Ministry of Communications) 1990.



  Community Service


            Elected for four consecutive years as Chairman of KFUPM Schools Board (1985‑1989).  In‑charge of the overall administration and general policies of a school system for about 550 male and female students at the primary and secondary levels.


            Conducted an extensive study on the "Majors Selection Process at KFUPM" for the orientation students.  Also studied influential factors leading to the recent decline of enrollment at the CE Dept. ‑ In collaboration with Dr. A. Khathlan ‑ (1989).


            Member of Graduation Banquet Organizing Committee for four consecutive years (1982‑1986).


            Nominated three successive years for the “Best Service to the University” Award (1986‑1988).