Funded Research Projects



            As Principal Investigator:


               1‑      “Study of Tensile Performance for a Coupling System for Large Diameter Steel Reinforcing Bars” (1983)

                        Budget SR 180,000

                        Duration           six months

                        Client               Arabian Mechanical Engineering Company (AMEC) ‑ Through Research Institute.


               2‑      National Project: “Study of the Cracking of Concrete Bridge Decks in Saudi Arabia” (1984)

                        Budget SR 2,430,000

                        Duration           48 months

                        Client               Ministry of Communications

                        Sponsor           King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.


               3‑      “Durability Related Study of Several Concrete Structures in the Aziziyah Housing Project” (1987)

                        Budget             SR 60,000

                        Duration           3 months

                        Client               Ministry of Public Works & Housing

                        Sponsor           Saudi Consulting House.


               4‑      “Cathodic Protection for Concrete Bridge Decks in Saudi Arabia” (1989)

                        Budget             SR 230,000

                        Duration           24 months

                        Client               Ministry of Communications

                        Sponsor           King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.



               5-      “Jamarat Bridge Project” (1995)          

                        Budget             SR 864,500

                        Duration           12 months

                        Client               Ministry of Communications

                        Sponsor           Bin Laden Group.


            As Co‑Investigator:


               1‑      “Study and Design of Ferrocement Structural Systems” (1983)

                        Budget SR 2,160,000

                        Duration           24 months

                        Sponsor           King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology


               2‑      “Feasibility Study for the Establishment of a Research Centre for the Ministry of Defence” (1984)

                        Budget             SR 500,000

                        Duration           9 months

                        Client               Military Works, Ministry of Defence.


               3‑      “Study of Bond of Saudi Steel Under Local Environmental Conditions” (1985)

                        Budget             SR 602,680

                        Duration           24 months       

                        Sponsor           King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.


               4‑      “Strategy for Development of a Unified Building Code for the GCC Countries” (1985)

                        Budget             SR 100,000 (through RI)

                        Duration           6 months

                        Client               Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).



 Non‑funded Research Projects


               1‑      “Evaluation of Concrete Repair Systems”


                           Part 1:           “Evaluation of the Performance of Crack Injection Epoxies in the Gulf Environment”


                           Part 2:           “Evaluation of Concrete Overlay Repair Systems”.


               2‑      “Development of a New Design Vehicle for Short to Medium Span Bridges in Saudi Arabia”.



  Formation of the Bridge Research Group


                        The Bridge Research Group has been formed in order to promote research activities in fields related to bridge engineering.  The group has succeeded in establishing Bridge Engineering as one of the active disciplines within the Dept. of Civil Engineering.  As the coordinator for this group since its inception in 1981, I have participated in the following activities of the group:‑

                        Undertaking of three sponsored research projects in areas related to Concrete Bridges in Saudi Arabia (Total funds = SR 3,150,000).


                        Conducting several short courses on the inspection, assessment, repair and rehabilitation of concrete bridges.


                        Presenting series of specialized lectures and seminars in relation to concrete bridges for the Department of Civil Engg. as well as for the Ministry of Communications (MOC).


                        Providing several consultations on concrete related problems to several governmental agencies in general, and to MOC in particular.


                        Inviting several international bridge experts from the U.K., U.S.A. & Denmark, to deliver seminars and provide consulting services to bridge research projects.


                        Providing support for nine graduate students to conduct their M.Sc. thesis topics in areas related to bridge engg.


                        Providing support for two graduate students to conduct their Ph.D. dissertation in areas related to concrete.



  Development of Research Laboratories


                        Establishment of the Building Research Station:


                                    The KACST sponsored Ferrocement Project (AR‑5‑115) involved the  construction of a new CE research laboratory for the testing of various building components.  As a co‑investigator of this project, I was involved in the supervision of construction of this facility, as well as the structural design and construction of a highly versatile 400‑ton capacity steel reaction frame.  This frame is designed to handle full‑scale load testing of various structural elements.


                                    This laboratory has been designated as the Building Research Station in 1985.  Since then, it has been successfully utilized by a number of subsequently sponsored projects, including research conducted by several graduate students.



                        Establishment of the Bridge Research Center:


                                    In continuation of the research activities initiated by the “National Project for the Study of Bridge Deck Cracking”, the Dept. of Civil Engg. has endorsed the establishment of a new laboratory for bridge research.  As the principal investigator for the National Project, I am currently undertaking the establishment of this facility (Bldg. 26‑Room 150).  The Bridge Research Center is mostly equipped by KACST sponsored testing equipment for the structural and material assessment of concrete bridges.  It is hoped that this center will act as a catalyst for attracting further projects and graduate students in areas related to bridge engineering.



  General Research Interests


                        Non‑Destructive Testing of Concrete.


                        Evaluation and Assessment of Concrete Structures.


                        Repair of Concrete Structures.


                        Inspection, Evaluation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Concrete Bridges.