CE 411  Senior Project:


1.      Bandar A. Al-Naim, “Mix Design and Analysis of Concrete Structure Using First Mix Design Software and STAAD Pro Program,” Supervisor, Jan. 2002.

2.      Al-Wadaee Hussain, “Design of Mat Foundation,” Committee Member, May, 2002.

3.      Muhammad N. Al-Mejmaj, “Optimum Design of Open Channel,” Committee Member, June, 2002.

4.      Use of STAAD III for Analysis and Design of Building with Evaluation of Repair Materials for Foundation -- Ali Al-Khairi, June 2001.

5.      Use of STAAD III for Analysis and Design of Building with Evaluation of Repair Materials for Foundation -- Sami Al-Sughaiyer, June 2001.

6.      Effect of Sulfate on Performance of Plain and Blended Cement, Member,                                              August 1991.

7.      Performance of Plain and Blended Cements in Sulfate-Chloride Environments, Member, August 1991.

8.      Optimum Binary Aggregate Proportioning for Workability Using Local                                      Materials, Member, July 1991.

9.      Optimum Binary Aggregate Proportioning for Strength Using Local Materials, Supervisor, July 1991.

10.    Evaluation of Shotcrete Concrete, Member, July 1991.

11.    A Photoelastic Stress Analysis of the Beam-Column Joint, Member, June                                              1990.

12.    Preliminary Guidance to Site Concrete Construction, Member June 1990.

13.    Elastic Column Buckling, Member, March 1990.

14.    Design Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Beams, Member, January 1990.               

15.    Effect of  W/c on Shrinkage of Concrete, Member, December 1989.

16.    Design Optimization of Bridges, Supervisor, June 1989.

17.    Shrinkage Properties of Concrete, Supervisor, June 1989.

18.    Mechanical Properties of Repair Materials, Member, June 1989.

19.    Investigation of Chloride Diffusion Through Concrete Cover with Respect to Different Curing Periods and Cover Thickness, Supervisor, June 1988.

20.    Design Optimization of Concrete Sections, Member, June 1988.

21.    Evaluation of Performance of Epoxy Resin Repair Mortars for Adhesion/Bond Parameter, Member, June 1988.

22.    Effect of Chloride Content on Width of Cracks, Loss of Steel Weight and Carbonation, Member, January 1988.

23.    Evaluation of Heat of Hydration for Ordinary Portland Cement, Supervisor, June 1988.

24.    Effect of Curing Water in Penetration of Chloride Salts into Concrete

         Slabs,   Supervisor, August 1987.

25.    A Photoelastic Investigation of Shear Stress Distribution in Skew Slabs,Member, August 1987.

26.    Study of Influence of Ratio Cover/Bar Diameter on Corrosion of Reinforcement in Flexural Members, Member, January 1987.