Civil Engineering Department


CE 501


Fall Semester 2003-04 (031)


Homework # 3





Question (1):


Chemical admixtures are used to improve concrete properties.  Explain the major reasons for using such admixtures.



Question (2):


When superplasticizers admixture shall be used?



Question (3):


Water exists in hydrated cement paste in different forms, explain the effect of each on shrinkage of the hcp.



Question (4):


Explain the effect of cement and water content on shrinkage of cement paste.



Question (5):


Explain the characteristics of the transition zone.



Question (6):


Explain the effect w/c on the pore size distribution on hydrated cement.



Question (7):


What are the factors affecting the adhesion force between the hydration products and the aggregate particles (Van der Waals force).