Civil Engineering Department


CE 501


Fall Semester 2003-04 (031)


Homework # 2



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Question (1):


C3S/C2S ratio is very important parameter in portland cement chemistry, explain the effect of this parameter in cement properties.


Question (2):


Hydration of cement is divided into four different stages; explain each in terms of heat generated, product of hydration and approximate time duration.


Question (3):


Explain the features of the pozzolanic reaction.


Question (4):


Explain the effect of pozzolan on “pore size” and “grain size” of the hydration product.


Question (5):


What is the effect of pozzolan on rate of hydration and strength gain.


Question (6):


What is the difference between fly ash Class C and F.


Question (7):


What is the effect of fly ash on workability and bleeding.